Campus Police

Welcome to GTCC Campus Police

North Carolina General Statute 115D-21.1 allows the establishment of a campus law enforcement agency at a community college. On June 17, 1999, the Guilford Technical Community College Board of Trustees passed a resolution establishing the Public Safety Department as the designated campus law enforcement agency for GTCC.
The GTCC Campus Police Department is staffed by twenty-five full time personnel. The department consists of one chief, two sergeants, one corporal, an administrative assistant and twenty-one (21) officers. The department also uses some part-time, non-sworn security officers to augment the department and provide relief on the weekends.

Sworn personnel are certified police officers within the State of North Carolina who have the power of arrest and are certified through the N.C. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission within the Department of Justice. Officers enforce college, state and federal regulations. They can arrest for any offense committed within their jurisdiction. Their jurisdiction consists of college property and all roads that pass through or adjacent to the campus.

The GTCC Campus Police Department is a full service department handling the enforcement and investigation of all crimes committed on campus property. Personnel within GTCC Campus Police wear many different hats as they handle parking and traffic control and enforcement, ticketing and towing of vehicles, building security through the locking and unlocking of campus buildings, response to burglar and fire alarms on campus and serve as emergency first responders. In addition, GTCC Campus Police keys buildings and issues institutional keys, completes and files personal injury reports on all injuries on campus, provides motorist assistance-opening locked vehicles and starting those with dead batteries and handles the issuance of temporary disability parking.

Please be mindful of the fact that GTCC Campus Police is on campus for your protection. GTCC is an educational facility with a wide variety of students. Students are considered to be adults and will be treated accordingly. Students are held accountable for their actions. Rules are in place for you to follow. If you violate those rules, you subject yourself to disciplinary actions. When GTCC Campus Police become involved, it is usually because the offense has been elevated to a criminal matter. Should an arrest occur, the individuals involved subject themselves to expulsion from the school, loss of grades and an inability to complete their education at this facility. We are glad you are here but we urge you to act like an adult. You are held accountable for your actions.