Facilities Services is vital to the GTCC campus in a number of ways.

Construction Coordinator

The Construction Coordinator acts as GTCC's point person on construction projects.

Physical Plant - Electrical Services

The Electrical Services Team is responsible for maintaining the lighting and power requirements for GTCC.

General Maintenance Services

The General Maintenance Services division of the Building Maintenance department consists of a team of multi-talented professionals dedicated to maintaining and improving the buildings of GTCC.

HVAC Services

The HVAC Team of the Building Physical Plant provides air conditioning and heating maintenance, construction, and renovation services for GTCC buildings.

Landscaping & Environmental Services

The Landscaping & Environmental Division of Facilities is responsible for the overall appearance of all GTCC Campuses.

Special Project Services

The Special Projects Manager manages project planning for capital and related projects on the GTCC campuses, including scope of work, justification, estimating by trade or skill, and implementation.

Physical Plant - Fleet

GTCC has a vehicle inventory of ten (10) fleet vehicles. These vehicles are for the use of faculty and staff for official college business.