Cosmetology Client Salon

GTCC Students with a valid ID are allowed to receive 1 (one) free haircut service daily and 20% off all chemical services and 50%
off non chemical services.

As 01/2015 chemical services are now 20% of regular price for faculty/staff/students.



Monday Closed

Tuesday 9:15-1:00

Wednesday 9:15-1:00

Thursday 9:15-1:00

Friday 8:15-1:00

(For chemical services, you must be signed in by 11:00)

Summer Hours

Monday              Salon closed for advanced training

Tuesday             9:15am - 12:00Noon

Wednesday         9:15am - 12:00Noon

Thursday            9:15am - 12:00Noon

Friday                 CLOSED

(for chemical services on T,W,TH, you must be signed in and started by 11:00am)


Fall/Spring/Summer (Evening)

Tuesday      5:15pm - 8:00pm

Thurday       5:15pm - 8:00pm

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  CLOSED

(for chemical services, you must be signed in and started by 6:15pm)


GTCC Cosmetology students have exams the last week of each semester. Please call 334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 50110 for telephone message of closings or look on the door of the Cosmetology salon for closings that are posted.

Price List

Cosmetology Fee Schedule
Senior Citizens (55 and over) receive a 50% discount on each service.

Shampoo and Set
Shampoo/Set $10.00
Shampoo/Blow-dry 15
Shampoo/Braids 15.00 (base price)
1.00 per braid
Straight Back Braids 1.00 per braid
Design Set 20
Design Set - Senior Citizen 15
Blow-dry/Marcel 15
Advanced Hair Services
Haircut - No Shampoo 10
Haircut, Shampoo, Blow-dry 18
Deep Color Rinse 1
Semi-Permanent Color 20
Scalp Treatment 16
Permanent Color 30
Highlights/Weaving 35
Highlights/Lowlights 45
Press & Curl - short hair 25
Press & Curl  - long hair 35
Permanent Wave or Relaxer 40
Soft Perm 50
Spiral Perm 50
Wig Care & Styling 8
Design Set with perms, Iron Work etc. additional cost 8
Body Services
Facial 10
Hair Removal - Brows 5
Hair Removal - Chin 5
Hair Removal - Lip 5
Lash & Brow Tinting 8
Manicure/Hand Massage 8
Paraffin Wax Dip 4
Pedicures 15


Location: LS 26 Service Careers on GTCC map


Jamestown Campus

601 E. Main Street

Jamestown, NC 27282


Last Update 04/17/2015