Extreme Leadership Seminar

Class Description:

Extremely successful leaders lead themselves well. A leader that continually grows personally will have the resources to influence and equip their teams. On September 12, GTCC will offer a half-day event that focuses on "Extreme Leadership." We want you to feel energized and equipped to make a difference in your life and in your organization. We will be looking at three topics that can help move you from leadership to extreme leadership: Self-Leadership, Influencing, and Equipping.

Course Code: CSP-4000-N63----CANCELLED
September 12, 2014, Friday, 8am-12:00pm
C1-Cameron Campus, 7908 Leabourne Rd. Colfax, NC 27235.

Extradinary Sucess Seminar

Course Code: CSP-4000-N83

Date: December 5, 2014, Friday, 8am-12:00pm

Location: C1-Cameron Campus, 7908 Leabourne Rd, Colfax, NC 27235

Room: TBA

Cost: $130.00


Featured Speakers

Alan Bracken
Alan Bracken became an entrepreneur in the construction industry at the age of 19. He soon realized that if he wanted to help others become better he needed to make himself better. Thus began the journey of personal growth. Growing as a leader had paramount effects on the growth of his company. The direct outcome of that growth allowed his company to be chosen nationally by Equipment World Magazine as the 2008 Contractor of the Year. Alan and his wife, Amanda, had the opportunity to train around the United States and other countries under the leadership of John C. Maxwell. Today, Alan works with individuals and businesses helping them achieve the greatness that they were created to fulfill by inspiring them to grow personally so that they will maximize their individual potential and live full lives.

Jose Castillo
In 1994 Jose Castillo stood in front of thousands of classmates, family and friends and gave a speech on the importance of building lasting relationships. It was in that moment he understood what he should do with the rest of his life. Jose knew that sharing stories and communicating life-changing ideas with his own unique perspective, could inspire others to do the same. Twenty years later that passion is even greater for adding the flavor of creative ideas to inspire others to do the impossible. As a serial entrepreneur, speaker, writer and geek translator, his job is to bring energy and joy in every interaction he has, whether that's one-on-one or 150,000 people.

Dr. Don Cameron
From 1991-2010 Dr. Don Cameron was the President of Guilford Tech Community College in Guilford County, N.C. During his time as president, GTCC saw increased enrollment, addition to the faculty, as well as facility expansion. Today, Dr. Cameron works with businesses and educational institutions to help them in their leadership development and educational growth. He continues to be a consultant across the country to multiple community colleges. Dr. Cameron and Alan Bracken have worked together on multiple joint ventures allowing them to impact the growth of individuals and businesses.