FIT Program Teaching Portfolio Overview

Teaching Portfolio Directions

Your experience at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) will be especially valuable to you, and the ease with which you find a teaching job will be enhanced, if, during the course of your teaching and learning here, you will create a notebook containing evidence that you have mastered the FIT Program competencies.  The portfolio will be subject to a mid-semester review and final evaluation.

This notebook, your teaching portfolio, should contain at least the following items:

  • A list of the FIT Program competencies & an overview of what your duties were while you worked here. These will be signed by your mentors and by the program coordinator when you have demonstrated mastery of the competencies.
  • An essay explaining how your experience here has changed, strengthened, and/or reconfigured your attitudes about community college, your students, and teaching at this level, in general;
  • Assignments you have written, together with samples of graded student responses;
  • Reflections on your college service work-what it has been, what, if anything, you have learned from it, how it might have been improved, etc.;
  • Copies of everything you have done in connection with our seminars, together with explanatory notes providing background and your critical response to these experiences.  Have you developed a PowerPoint presentation or responded to a lesson on Moodle, for example? Have you delivered an individual report on some subject in your discipline?
  • Copies of at least three lesson plans you have written throughout the semesters demonstrating inclusion of employability skills.
  • Finally, but crucially, you will need to include somewhere in your portfolio (Integrate in an appropriate section) some teaching technique, general conceptual approach, lesson plan, unit or topic approach, etc. to augment or improve teaching in your discipline.  To begin, peruse the following list of websites to discover launching points for your ideas.

You should present these materials clearly & attractively & in durable form suitable for copying & inclusion in future job applications.

View the FIT Program Competencies


Last Update 05/22/2014