Placement Testing

Placement testing is used to accurately evaluate a student's academic skills in Mathematics, English (Writing), and Reading.  Being prepared for the placement test will save you time and money!  Please read the information below for more information about placement testing at GTCC.

In order to take the placement test, you must have the following items on the day you wish to test:

• A photo ID
Blue Testing Card

• Any workshop certificates (if you are retesting)

For placement testing hours and locations, click HERE.

Ways to prepare for the Placement Test

We have prepared several options for preparing for the placement test.  Please select the one that best suits your needs.

COMPASS Workshops: OnlineOn Campus

Online Study Guides: Pre-Algebra | Algebra / College Algebra / Trigonometry | Writing | Reading

NC DAP: Math | English | Reading

Printed study materials: You may also check out the book Chart Your Success on the COMPASS Test from our Learning Resource Center for a deposit of $50, refundable upon return of the book. This book is also available in the GTCC Bookstore, as well as, your local book store.

Retesting Policy

GTCC requires that in order for you to retest on the placement test you must complete one of the above COMPASS workshops (online or on campus) for the part of the test you want to retake, prior to taking the placement test for a second time.

Items the Assessment Center will provide

• Scratch paper
• Scientific calculator

• Pencil

More Information

You can obtain your Blue Testing Card from an Admissions Advisor, in the Enrollment Services.  The Admissions Advisor will evaluate your application and any documentation you have submitted to GTCC to determine which placement tests you need for the program you are interested in.

We also offer the COMPASS Placement Test for students applying to other institutions who wish to take it with us and have the results transferred. The fee for this service is $5.00 which includes the test and transcript fee for the scores. If you need testing accommodations on the basis of a disability, please let us know in advance, or check with our disability Access Services. Children are not allowed in the Assessment Center and must not be left unattended on campus while you test.

Last update 02/24/2014