Scholarship Information


scho-lar-ship - a grant or payment made to

support a student's education, awarded on the

basis of academic or other achievement.


At GTCC we value our students' success. That is why we not only offer scholarships from our generous donors, but from sources outside of the community as well who want to see our students succeed.

There are a couple of things that you should know before applying for a scholarship.

  • Scholarships are considered gift aid or free money. However, it is still a type of financial aid and must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. That isn't a bad thing as the Financial Aid Office will adjust your other awards, the ones you have to pay back, to make room for this free money.

  • Scholarships will not just appear out of thin air. You must apply for them.


To apply for scholarships you will need to select a link from the options below. Each link  is to a different type of scholarship. That means that each scholarship has its own criteria that must be met to be eligible and its own deadline to submit an application.


GTCC would like to thank you for your interest in scholarships and wish you all the luck in the world for your success!




Last update 9/11/2014