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Success Story

Robert-Hodgin Fun, fireworks, and vacation trips to sunny, sandy beaches. But for me, this past July was one of fear, anxiety, and depression. In July 2011, I was approaching one year of being a student at GTCC Jamestown while also being homeless. July 2011 was also when I became acquainted with the Foundation. I had been fortunate enough to be staying with someone when a close family member of theirs suddenly needed a place to go, which meant I had to go. I had less than two days, no money, no friends or family. I was drowning in despair and frozen with fear when my English 112 professor, Dr. MacGregor Frank, who had recently discovered how I was living and what I was up against, arranged for me to meet with the Foundation staff. I was literally hours away from moving out and sleeping on the streets when the Foundation stepped in and saved me.
- Robert Hodgin
Being a Student Ambassador helped me grow as a leader and person, forcing me to step outside my comfort zone to gain new skills and learn more about myself. The Ambassador scholarship allowed me to devote more time to studying and participating on campus, further defining my experience. The dedicated faculty and staff here have taught me what no other place could--how to learn, how to be passionate about what I do, and how to constantly seek to improve myself. It may be trite, but it's true: GTCC has changed my life.
- Darren Lipman

Tia Hairston

Growing up with cerebral palsy, life has been tough. I have been told all of my life what I cannot do. Attending GTCC has helped me set a foundation for my kids, find a career instead of a job, and meet new people. Before coming to GTCC, I looked into accounting and made up my mind that this was where I wanted to begin my career. GTCC informed that they had a great accounting program which excited me because I had been turned down by other schools. When I entered my first class in August 2009, it was my first step to the future of my career.

- Tia Hairston