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In 2011-2012, the GTCC Foundation invested over $910,000 in donations and grants in support of the college.

The purpose of the Foundation is to raise financial resources beyond those provided by the state and county that enable the College to more fully carry out its mission.

Gifts to the Foundation provide scholarships to students and support faculty and staff development, innovation, and key initiatives.

Given the changing nature of governmental funding, the GTCC Foundation will play an even more important role in meeting the mission of the college going forward


Did you Know?

The Foundation provided $23,422.66
in Emergency Student Loans (Fall 2012).

Foundation scholarships and aid increased by 100% for 2011-2012.

This year the GTCC Foundation was able to accept nine students into the student ambassador program.

Because many of our students could not afford their next meal, the GTCC Foundation set up food pantries. Food pantries exist on our Jamestown, High Point, and Greensboro Campuses.

With your support of the Foundation, the GTCC Foundation has been able to send students and advisors to the National Skills USA Conference.

Our students are some of the brightest and most talented in nation. The GTCC Foundation helps highlight those talents through funding events such as Student Presentation Day, covering traveling expenses for students and advisors to attend competitions such as the Nationals Skills USA Conference, and providing memberships into professional organizations like the National Intercollegiate Flying Association.

2011 Combined Campaign

Results $50,518!

This money supported student scholarships, funded direct departmental support, and supported the greatest needs of the college where no funding was available

How The Foundation Support GTCC

Gifts and grants to the Foundation supported departments and faculty/staff in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

• Professional licenses and certifications
• Employee recognition such as Administrative Professionals' Day
• Instructional supplies where no other funds may be available
• Visiting artist program
• Innovative skills training, professional development, and conferences
• Meals in support of advisory committees and departmental activities
• Student athletes on our four athletic teams received scholarships and

Alumni cultivation and support activities included Founders' Day, Fun Friday at the Fountain, mailings and publicity.

The Foundation supported speakers and presenters, event assistance and publicity for:

• Astronomy Day
• All Campus Read
• Departmental guest lecturers
• Constitution Day

Foundation grants to support faculty/staff innovation:

• Young Astronomers program
• Career Workshop Series Pilot
• NVivo training for IRER
• Service Learning Through a Day of Service
• COMPASS workshops online
• GTCC Math Department PI Day

Food Pantry

The Food Pantries exist because over 400 GTCC students could not afford their next meal.
• Jamestown Pantry provided food to over 200 students
• High Point Pantry provided food to over 170 students
• Greensboro Pantry is newly formed


Student Activities

founders Day

The Foundation supported a variety of student activities:

• 14 students and 8 advisors attended the National SkillsUSA Conference with the assistance of the Foundation
• 56 students sponsored by 16 faculty members participated in Student Presentation Day
• $5500 in support of National Intercollegiate Flying Association

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You Make The Difference

  • $2.50 per month, or $30, buys 45 cans of tuna fish to stock the Food Pantries.
  • $5.00 per month, or $60, buys a Culinary uniform including pants, hat, apron, tie, and chef's coat.
  • $78 per month, or $936, buys a laptop with
    software for a student.
  • $85 per month, or $1020, can help sponsor
    a scholarship for 16 hours of curriculum
  • $10.00 per month, or $120, can help purchase a Nurse's kit.
  • $20 per month, or $240, can help buy books for English 111 / Sociology 210.
  • $50 per month, or $600, can help purchase Welding supplies and course materials.