NCAM Registration

North Carolina Astronomers' Meeting (NCAM) Registration Guilford Technical Community College, Jamestown, NC Saturday, 4 October 2014( * Indicates Required Fields)

Note: presentation availability subject to time and space constraints. Please read the specifications on the NCAM meeting page.

Note: A podium, microphone, computer, projector will be provided for oral presentations. A wireless microphone is also provided. Wireless internet access will be available in the presentation space.

If you would like to propose an extra display presentation beyond what was submitted above, fill out the section below. Note: availability subject to space constraints within the room.

LUNCH - Orders MUST be verified and paid for before 10 a.m. All sandwiches from Jerusalem Market are served on thin, lavash bread with chips, brine pickle, and olive on the side. Lettuce and tomato are added to all sandwiches.

Do you plan to attend the annual meeting of the NC Section of the International Dark Sky Association during the lunch period?

Do you plan to participate in the Regional Teaching Exchange session Saturday afternoon?

If you answered yes, please visit the CAE RTE Workshop Page (linked on the NCAM page), and fill out the workshop registration form there, so that the Center for Astronomy Education will have record of your participation.
If you have questions or additional information, please contact: Tom English at or 336-434-4822 Ext: 50023