Past Editions of TriStar


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Dr. Tom Brown, Space Telescope Science Institute, "Deepest Hubble Images Expose the Violent History of Our Galactic Neighborhood"

Tom Brown (STScI, "On the Trail of the Missing Galaxies:  the Oldest Stars in the Neighborhood")
David Pitonzo (High Point University, "Musings on the Likelihood of Extraterrestrial Civilizations")
Chris Richardson (Elon University, "The Crab Nebula:  Our Local Young Supernova Remnant")
Maria Temming (Elon University, "A Summer at Sky & Telescope")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Shapley Lecture:  Dr. Gordon Emslie, Western Kentucky University, "Spinning Pliers, the Chaotic Obliquity of Mars, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"

Don Smith (Guilford College, "Designing a Neural Network to Process APDA Spectra")
Gordon Emslie (Western Kentucky Univ., Acceleration of High Energy Particles in Solar Flares")
Kristen Thompson (Davidson College, "The Role of Magnetic Fields in the Star Formation Process")
Grant Thompson  (Georgia Regents Univ., "Active Galactic Nuclei and the Nature of Their Tori")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Dr. Dan Reichart, UNC-Chapel Hill, "Birthing Black Holes:  PROMPT and the Skynet Robotic Telescope Network"

Steve Danford  (UNC-Greensboro, "What Can Globular Clusters Tell Us about the Universe?")
Barbara Becker  (U. Cal-Irvine, "Unravelling Starlight: William and Margaret Huggins and the Rise of the New Astronomy")
Jonathan Ward  (NASA Solar System Ambassdor, "MESSENGER at Mercury: Unlocking the Secrets of the Innermost Planet")
Matthew Fleenor  (Roanoke College, "Multiwavelength Astrophysics: How Non-optical Light Informs Our Understanding of the Universe")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Dr. Terry Oswalt, Florida Institute of Technology, "It's Later than You Think: How Astronomers Measure the Age of the Universe"

Tom English (GTCC, "Historical Oppositions of Mars: the Rise of the Martians and the Fall of the Canals")
Terry Oswalt (Florida Institute of Technology, "Chicken Little was Right!  The Sky IS Falling")
Brad Barlow, Penn State University, "Starquakes!  Probing Stellar Evolution using Asteroseismology"
Also - a series of short presentations/demonstrations/workshops, with topics including Cooking a Comet, Optimizing Your Observing Experience, Telling Time by the Stars, and a Siberian Impact Crater.


No Pre-*Tri*Star* Lecture in 2011

*Tri*Star* 2011 Saturday Speakers:
Mike Malaska (SCYNEXIS Organic Chemist, "Titan's Earthlike Landscape")
Steven van Vuuren (Greensboro Filmmaker, Preview clip from his IMAX film, "Outside In")
Steve Reynolds (NC State University, "Supernova Remnants, Cosmic Rays, and Cosmology")
Sheila Kannappan (UNC-Chapel Hill, "Galaxy Life Stories:  Growing Up in a Violent Universe")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Neil Comins, University of Maine, "Science Errors on TV: A Personal Story"

*Tri*Star* 2010 Saturday Speakers:
Neil Comins (University of Maine, "What if the Earth Were a Moon?")
Tony Crider (Elon University, "2012: Exploitation of the Maya Long Count")
Roger Ivester (Cleveland County Astronomical Society, "Visual Observing in a Digital Age")
Tim Martin (Greensboro Day School, "Arctic Impact")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture: Harry Shipman, University of Delaware, "Planets Beyond the Solar System"

*Tri*Star* 2009 Saturday Speakers:
Harry Shipman (University of Delaware, "A Collaboration between Amateur and Professional Astronomers Investigates the Interiors of Dying Stars")
Johnny Horne (Fayetteville Observer/Sky & Telescope, "Earth & Sky")
Johannes Kepler (Portrayed by John McFarland, "Galileo's Heavenly Discoveries")
Elise Weaver (Guilford College, "Gamma Ray Burst 080711 Afterglow Detection and Analysis")


Friday Shapley Lecture:  Heidi Hammel, Space Science Institute, "Telescopes in Space"

*Tri*Star* 2008 Saturday Speakers:
Heidi Hammel (Space Science Institute, "Deconstructing the Ice Giants")
Joe Foy (Hampden Sydney College, "The Crab Nebula")
Ted Forte (Back Bay Amateur Astronomers, "The Astronomical League's Planetary Nebula Club")
Jeff Regester (Greensboro Day School, "All This Way for Two Minutes of Data")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Larry Marschall, Gettysburg College, "Deconstructing Pluto"

*Tri*Star* 2007 Saturday Speakers:
Larry Marschall (Gettysburg College, "Hunting Killer Asteroids")
Don Smith (Guilford College, "Robots Chasing Stars")
Christina Lacey (University of South Carolina, "Exploding Stars - Better than a Hollywood Movie")
David Herrick (Maysville Community & Technical College, "Getting Tight with Titan")

Friday Shapley Lecture:  Rob Knop, Vanderbilt University, "Galaxies In Collision"

*Tri*Star* 2006 Saturday Speakers:
Rob Knop (Vanderbilt University, "A Modern Picture of the Expanding Universe")
Elizabeth Warner (Deep Impact Mission & University of Maryland, "Results from the Deep Impact Mission")
Dan Reichart (UNC-Chapel Hill, "Discovery of the Most Distant Explosion in the Universe")
Dennis Hands (Greensboro Astronomy Club, "My Two Weeks on Mars")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Robert Naeye, Sky & Telescope, "Go Spirit!  Go Opportunity!  NASA's Intrepid Rovers"

*Tri*Star* 2005 Saturday Speakers:
Robert Naeye, (Sky & Telescope, "Ringworld Rendezvous")
Stef McLaughlin (Deep Impact Mission & University of Maryland, "Amateur Observing Opportunities for the Deep Impact Mission")
Jonathan Keohane (Hampden-Sydney College, "Cosmic Explosions Inside Coffins of Massive Stars")
Mike Castelaz (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, "Exploring Young Stars in the Orion Nebula")


Friday Shapley Lecture:  Larry Fredrick, University of Virginia,  "The Great Impactor"

*Tri*Star* 2004 Saturday Speakers: 
Larry Fredrick (University of Virginia, "Parallax:  Chasing a Very Small Angle")
Dan Caton (Appalachian State University, "ASU's Dark Sky Observatory: Opportunities for Students and Amateurs")
David Moffett (Furman University, "1300+ Pulsars")
Tom English (GTCC, "Transits of Venus")


Pre-*Tri*Star* Friday Lecture:  Van Abernethy, Charlotte Amateur Astronomy Club, "Saturn"

*Tri*Star* 2003 Saturday Speakers:
Johnny Horne (Sky & Telescope, "Backyard Universe Gallery")
Dan Reichart (UNC-Chapel Hill, "Stonehenge as an Astronomical Observatory")
Tony Crider (Elon University, "It's the End of the World as We Know It")
Dana Crider (Catholic University of America, "What Happened to the Water on Mars?")


Friday Shapley Lecture:  Robert Rood, University of Virginia,  "Searching for Unicorns and Extraterrestrial Civilizations"

*Tri*Star* 2002 Saturday Speakers:
Robert Rood (University of Virginia, "Looking at the Guts of Globular Clusters with the Hubble Space Telescope")
Gayle Riggsbee (Charlotte Amateur Astronomy Club, "The History of the Building of the 200-inch Hale Telescope")
Jerry Watson (NCSU & Raleigh Astronomy Club, "Weather Systems on Other Planets")
Steve Danford (UNC-Greensboro, "What Is the Future of Space Exploration?")

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