Communications & Human Relations


Public Speaking for the Shy and Terrified

It's not what you say; it's how you say it. This workshop teaches the simple skills necessary to speak with confidence in front of an audience. Focus will be on public speaking and group presentation skills. By the end of the workshop, participants will demonstrate control over their voices and body language and have improved self-confidence in their speaking abilities.

Course Code: CSP-4000-QH1
Date: February 2-February 23, Tuesday, 6:30p-8p
Location: CEC-Con Ed Center, Greensboro Campus
Room #: 210 Instructor:  Jeffries
Cost: $45

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Public Speaking Too

If you enjoyed Public Speaking for the Shy and Terrified you will love Public Speaking Too. Eliminate "uh" and replace it with confidence. Make your presentations, announcements, or spur of the moments speeches fun for you and your audience or congregation. Learning techniques on handling hecklers or remembering the entire speech can be fu n and enlightening. Let your voice be heard and felt. Supplies need: pencil, 3x5 note cards and a bottle of water.

Course Code: CSP-4000-NV1
Date:March 15-April 5, Tuesday, 6:30p-8p
Location: CEC-Con Ed Center, Greensboro Campus
Room #: 210 Instructor:  Jeffries
Cost: $45

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Improv Yourself with Improv

THINK FAST!...on your feet! Always wanted to be the one with the witty "come back" or the right thing to say? Tired of awkward situations? Just want to have fun? THIS is the class for you! Improv is re-visited with real-life situations that teach you how to "think fast on your feet" and have fun while learning. Students need sneakers or comfortable footwear to move in safety, comfortable clothes, folder, water bottle, and desire to have fun!

Course Code: CSP-4000-QD1
Date: April 12-May 3, Tuesday, 6:30p-7:30p
Location: CEC-Con Ed Center, Greensboro Campus
Room #: 117 Instructor: J. Jeffries
Cost: $35

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American Sign Language (ASL)- Beginners

Students will become familar with Deaf culture, history, folklore, community, and sub-communities. Students will learn appropriate cultural behaviors such as directing and maintaining attention, and a way of talking that keeps others informed. This course is appropriate for students who have no or minimal knowledge of Sign Language to the point where they can function comfortably in a wide variety of situations in the Deaf community.nversations. Students will also learn how to use the ASL to ask and answer questions, exchange personal information, discuss their jobs, discuss their families and where they are from and make appointments. Book is required, "Sign Language Made Simple by Karen B. Lewis and Roxanne Henderson, can be purchased at GTCC Bookstore- Greensboro or any location convienent.

Course Code: CSP-4000-PC1
Date: January 28-March 17, Thursdays, 6p-8:30p
Location: CEC- Continuing Education, Greensboro Campus
Room #: 216 Instructor: Kaplan
Cost: $65

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The Aspiring Writer's Workshop

Are you nurturing a tale- or tales- in your head and heart? Are you overwhelmed, or besieged by ideas and portrayals which won't go away? Are figments of your imagination intruding on your life at unexpected intervals? Can you visualize the setting or see a story unfolding? Have you begun to write, only to find yourself unsure of what to do next? Do you start-stop-and start again, as if caught in a vicious cycle, rewriting, editing, unable to reach a satisfying conclusion? The Aspiring Writer's Workshop was designed with you in mind. This course is organized to provide techniques, tips, and resources to guide the learner through a process which includes writing a synopsis, development of a draft document, and ends with a discussion on options for publishing. Learners will be introduced to methodology for translating concepts into sagas with a beginning, middle, conclusion, multidimensional characters, and plausible plots. The instructor is a published, and self-published author whose latest literacy offering is avaiable on Amazon.

Course Code: CSP-4000-PV1
Date: February 24-March 23, Wednesdays, 6:00p-9p
Location: CEC-Continuing Education, Greensboro Campus
Room #: 205   Instructor: Bennett-Wilkes
Cost: $65.00

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