Ford Option (ASSET)

The Ford ASSET (Automotive Student Service Educational Training) program is the product of a partnership between Ford Motor Company, Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers and local participating community colleges - - in this case, Guilford Tech. The ASSET program allows GTCC students to get on-the-job training at a sponsoring Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealership while earning an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology. During this co-op phase of training, which takes place for eight weeks out of every sixteen-week semester, the student works full-time in the dealership - - while earning both college credit and pay for their work.

One of the benefits of this partnership is the availability of new and nearly new Ford and Lincoln Mercury vehicles for hands-on training. Additionally, Ford Motor Company provides the college with components, tech data, computer-based training products, and Ford special tooling - - all to ensure that the ASSET students get the best possible training to prepare them for a career as a Ford service technician.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete this program?
This program takes four semesters and two summer terms to complete - two full years. The coursework is taught in split semesters, 8 weeks at school and 8 weeks at Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealerships.

When can I begin the ASSET program?
Students must start when the fall term begins in mid-August of each year. Students with no automotive background might consider taking general automotive courses offered any semester. Students who have some automotive experience could take appropriate academic courses any semester. Contact the Automotive Department Janet Bost (Ext 50054) for aid in determining the appropriate starting point.

What does it cost to attend GTCC?
The total costs for the student is approximately $4700-$6000. This breaks down as follows: All prices approximate.

Tuition $3,169.00 (6 terms @ $528.13/term)
Books $800.00
*Tools $750.00 (Craftsman)
TOTAL: $4,719.00
*Snap On Tools are $2100.00

Is financial aid available?
Yes, the Automotive Technology program does qualify for financial assistance. However, the money that a particular student receives depends on their own, and/or their family's resources. Students wishing to learn more should contact the GTCC Financial Aid Office (336) 334-4822 (ext. 50521). In 1998, new legislation took effect (the "Hope Scholarship") which enables eligible students to claim tuition and allowable fee charges as a tax "credit" on their federal tax returns - the limits on this tax credit are high enough to cover all tuition and all allowable fees for the two year curriculum. Additionally, eligible veterans may use the GI Bill to offset expenses, as long as they meet all other requirements of the VA. For more information, contact the Office of Veterans.

Can I complete the program through evening courses?
At the present time a Ford Certificate program is offered. Ford MLR, Maintenance And Light Repair night classes meet from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., Monday and Tuesday evenings. There are 4 courses required for a MLR Certificate and they are offered in 4 semesters.

What is the job market/salary range available for graduates from the Ford ASSET program?
Nationwide, there is a shortage of qualified mechanics, and that shortage is predicted to last for most of this next decade. Employers are Ford And Lincoln Mercury dealerships. Graduates have been offered employment at dealerships in the mountains and at dealerships in the Piedmont and at the beach. All program graduates are offered jobs. Starting wages range from $15,000-$35,000 annually.

Who should I contact at GTCC if I need more information?
Try the Transportation Complex first (336) 334 4822 and ask for Jeff Faircloth (Ext 50184) or Janet Bost (Ext 50054). You are welcome to come visit the Jamestown Campus and see first-hand what we have to offer, but you should make an appointment, because of class schedules. You may also call Jesse Cross the GTCC Director of Admissions (336) 334-4822 ext. 50125. Jesse is familiar with all the requirements for entering the Automotive, Auto Body and Heavy Equipment programs. You can also learn more by visiting links to these areas of the college website: catalog, student services, and schedules. First time students will also find the New Student Orientation helpful.

Is housing available on campus?
Apartments and rooms are available in and near Jamestown, NC. Many students at GTCC share apartments.

Where is the GTCC Transportation Complex located?
The address is 601 High Point Road, Jamestown, NC 27282.
The buildings are located on the eastern side of the Jamestown Campus.


For more information on the ASSET program, visit
For more info on the ASSET program at GTCC, contact Janet Bost .