Dental Hygiene

Associate of Applied Science

Advising Code: D 45 24 0

Contact: (336) 334-4822, ext. 50347

Limited Enrollment Program: Contact the Enrollment Services Office for Program admission requirements and program application deadlines.

The Dental Hygiene curriculum prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate dental hygiene care for the individual and the community.

Students will learn to prepare the operatory, take patient histories, note abnormalities, plan care, teach oral hygiene, clean teeth, take x-rays, apply preventive agents, complete necessary chart entries, and perform other procedures related to dental hygiene care.

Graduates of this program may be eligible to take national and state/ regional examinations for licensure which are required to practice dental hygiene. Employment opportunities include dental offices, clinics, schools, public health agencies, industry, and professional education.

Program Outcomes:

In accordance with the North Carolina Dental Practice Act, including rules and regulations, upon successful completion of the Dental Hygiene program, the graduate should be able to:

  • Apply the dental hygiene process of care using evidence-based practices for the child, adolescent, geriatric, medically-complex and periodontally-involved patient
  • Complete radiographic images according to diagnostic and technical standards
  • Prepare for assessment and treatment of medical emergencies
  • Apply a professional code of ethics in the provision and/or support of oral health care services
  • Prepare oral health strategies for diverse groups
  • Apply legal and regulatory concepts to the provision of oral health care services
  • Apply self-assessment skills to prepare for life-long learning
  • Complete successfully the National Dental Hygiene Examination and a state/regional clinical examination

Total Credits: 16

Total Credits: 16

Total Credits: 10

Total Credits: 18

Spring Semester II

Total Credits: 16

Total credit hours required for degree: 76

Last update 03/31/2015