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Student Presentation Day - Wednesday, April 15, 2015


To provide an opportunity to showcase excellence in academic, technical, and/or professional projects and contributions created by students, usually within their courses, with a focus on the involvement and support of faculty sponsors.

Clubs and/or club members are invited to submit an application as long as the presentation is showcasing an academic or technical accomplishment in a curriculum area and a faculty sponsor supports this accomplishment.

What is Student Presentation Day?

  • An opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned in their programs demonstrating excellence
  • An occasion to share the variety of programs at GTCC
  • A celebration of student achievement

Why Should Students Participate?

  • To gain recognition for quality work
  • To gain professional presentation skills
  • To demonstrate their mastery of a course or program competency
  • To document their proficiencies for their resumes or portfolios
  • To showcase their talents as members of the GTCC community

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Last update 02/09/2015