Celebrating NCCC 50th Anniversary

Celebrating NCCC 50th Anniversary

Creating Success!
On May 16, 1963, the NC General Assembly created
the Department of Community Colleges by combining
20 industrial education centers, six community
colleges and five extension units - transforming
North Carolina's higher education and workforce
training into what has become a model emulated

By 1966, there were 43 institutions with 28,250 full
time equivalent (FTE) enrollments. In 1969, there were
54 institutions with 59,329 FTE. The system had grown
very rapidly, exceeding ten percent annually nearly
every year until the late 1970s. In 1974-75, growth
reached the 33 percent mark. The system continues to
grow in enrollments nearly every year, but by much
more modest margins. The number of colleges has
not increased since Brunswick Community College
became the 58th in 1978.

The original legislation placed the community
college system under the purview of the State Board
of Education, and created a State Department of
Community Colleges. In the early years of the system,
the State Board of Education Chair was Dallas Herring;
David Bruton succeeded him in 1977.
In 1979, the General Assembly changed the state
control of the system. Provision was made for a
separate State Board of Community Colleges.
In 1988, the North Carolina Community College
System celebrated its 25th anniversary, recognizing
that in its first quarter century of service, the system
had emerged as the nation's third largest community
college network, educating millions of students and
employing thousands of faculty and staff.

The North Carolina Community College System has
had seven presidents: I. E. Ready (1963-1970), Ben
E. Fountain, Jr. (1971-1978), Larry J. Blake (1979-
1982), Robert W. Scott (1983-1995), Lloyd V. Hackley
(1995-1997);Martin Lancaster (1997-2008) and R.
Scott Ralls (2008 - present). Charles R. Holloman
served in an acting capacity from September, 1978 to
July, 1979.

On Sunday, October 7, 2012, the NC Community
College System launched a 50th Anniversary
recognition, and for the next year, our 58 colleges,
System Office, partners, allies and friends will join
together to celebrate five decades of creating success
in our state. The 50th Anniversary Committee has
dedicated its fund-raising efforts to establish an
endowed scholarship program for the children of
faculty, staff and System Office employees as the lasting
legacy of our 50-year recognition.