CREDIT/CURRICULUM Current Registration Information

Important Dates

  1. Registration schedule for summer and fall (students can register for both terms)
    • March 10 - summer and fall schedules available for student view in WebAdvisor; students notified of online registration time in WebAdvisor
    • March 21 - graduation applications due
    • April 3-27 - registration for current students; registration time determined by credit hours
    • April 28 onward - registration available to new and visiting students
  2. Last Day to Pay:
    May 5th - Summer 2014
    August 4th - Fall 2014
  3. Face to Face Orientation Ends:
    May 5th - Summer 2014
    August 4th - Fall 2014

  4. Online Orientation Ends:
    May 5th - Summer 2014
    August 4th - Fall 2014

  5. Waitlisting Ends:
    May 9th - Summer 2014
    August 11th - Fall 2014
  6. Walk-In Registration:
    May 12th - 13th - Summer 2014
    August 13th - 15th - Fall 2014

  7. Consortium Student Registration:
    August 15th - Fall 2014

  8. Classes Begin:
    May 14th - Summer 2014
    August 18th - Fall 2014

  9. Drop/Add:
    May 14th - 15th  - Summer 2014
    August 18th - 20th  - Fall 2014

  10. Generic Withdrawal date for full term 16 week classes
    July 1st  - Summer 2014
    November 10th  - Fall 2014

Current Student



1. What is a visiting student?

A visiting student is a student that is not seeking a degree from GTCC and/or not receiving financial aid but would like to take one or more curriculum courses.

2. I'm a visiting student, do I have to submit transcripts or take placement tests?

a. If you have credit from another institution that meets the pre-requisite requirements for the course you want to take at GTCC, yes you will need to provide a transcript in order to register for the course. If you use an unofficial transcript you will have to be manually registered but if you send an official transcript to the college in a reasonable amount of time to be evaluated you will be able to register via WebAdvisor.

b. You will only need to take the placement test if you don't have any previous college credit (must have C or higher) that satisfies the pre-requisite requirement.

3. I want to just search for classes and nothing else. What do I do?

Go to the following website site and enter Summer Semester 2014 or Fall Semester in the term box.

4. I don't have a registration appointment time, when do I register?

If you do not have a registration appointment time listed in WebAdvisor, your date is April 28th. If you are a former student who has not attended GTCC in the past two years you would need to reapply. Go to the following link to get started:

5. Do I need to have a pink copy of my schedule?

No, the bookstore and your instructors will take the printed schedule from online.

6. How do I register for an orientation?

Please go to

7. Who is my advisor?

1. That information is listed in WebAdvisor, in the "My Profile" tab.
You may be assigned to two individuals depending on your status at the college. In order to get the advising hold removed (only added to students who started in a fall term) you will see the primary person listed (1st person listed).

2. Youhave to make appointments to see your faculty coach or student success professional.

a. Appointments will begin March 10th but you will be contacted by your assigned person via email to make those appointments.

i. You will have to work around your faculty coach's or student success professional's schedule because many are teaching or have other obligations and this is a way to assure you see someone when you can.

ii. Please don't make demands on their time when you are requesting a meeting. They are here to help but again have a rigorous schedule as you all do and may not be able to assist when you express you have to have your meeting but they will try their best to accommodate both your schedule and theirs. (ex. You have to see me now because this is the only time I am available, this type of demand will be denied).

iii. Make your appointments prior to your registration appointment time (Your assigned person cannot change your registration date and time).

iv. Walk-Ins are at the discretion of the faculty coach.

v. If you are assigned to someone in the Student Success Center you can walk-in but depending on how many people are there to see who you are trying to see, there could be a delay.

b. Always allow one to two business days for a reply from anyone you contact on campus.

c. Your assigned person will provide you with their expectations and guidelines for their meetings etc.

d. If you have an advising hold, you will not be able to register until you meet with your assigned person to have the hold removed.


3. Your assigned person may not be on the campus you take courses but you will be required to make arrangements to see them.


4. If you have a 3.0 GPA or higher you can communicate with your assigned faculty coach or student success professional via email, phone or other virtual options instead of face to face but face to face is still an option.


5. The Student Success Center (formerly Advising Center) will only assist students on their caseload when considering advising assistance, if you are not on their caseload you will have to see your assigned person. We will still handle other services we provide (program change, overrides, max time frame, career services, academic probation withdrawal signature (if you can't get instructor signature), etc. Please go to our website for a list of services.


Expectations for Students:

As a student, you are expected to:

  1. Schedule and keep advising appointments
  2. Come prepared to all advising sessions.
  3. Actively participate in the process and the conversation about your future.
  4. Follow through on advising recommendations in a timely way.

Expectations for Faculty coach and/or student success professional

As a faculty coach or student success professional, I will:

  1. Be knowledgeable about programs and graduation requirements, policies, and procedures.
  2. Encourage and guide students to develop and pursue their goals.
  3. Refer students to appropriate campus resources.
  4. Be accessible via phone, email, and by appointment.



8. What do I take?

If you don't know what to take, current students can log-in to WebAdvisor and click on "Program Evaluation" under the "Academic Profile" tab to determine the course requirements for your program of study, or any program of study you might be interested in.

9. What is the catalog information about classes?

Go to course descriptions

10. Are you in a limited enrollment program?

Go to the following link to get the admissions requirements:

11. Do you know how to use WebAdvisor?

If not, WebAdvisor Training is being provided in the AT lab on a regular basis please stop by to see the available days and times.

12. Do you have a restriction preventing registration?

These are the following reasons for restrictions:

a.Business Holds:Indicates must see business office. Please see Cashiers office

b.Incomplete File: This means you are missing a transcript and must submit an official transcript before you can register. If you registered for the Fall without it we gave you one semester to get it in. Moving forward for new students they will have 30 days from the first day of class to get it in.


7. Do you have course conflicts

Please click on the course that indicates there is a conflict more than likely there is a lab attached to the course that has an additional time.

New Student Registration

All new students are required to attend a New or Transfer Student Orientation. They will be advised at their orientation session. For information on orientation.

Last updated 03/12/2014