Inclement Weather Procedures

In the event of inclement weather, GTCC may change regular schedules.  If the college will be closed, students can check on the for an announcement.

Other media that will carry closing information include local TV stations, WFMY (CBS), WGHP (FOX), WXLV (ABC), WUPN (UPN), and WXII (NBC).  Radio stations include WJMH (102 JAMZ), WMQX (Oldies 93), WKSI (98.7), WPET (950), WQMG (97.1), WEAL (1510), WKRR (92), WKZL (107.5), WGOS (1070), WHSL (100.3), WXRA (94.5), WTQR (104.1), WMAG (99.5), WIST (98.3), WNAA (90.1), WSJS (600), WMFR (1230) and WFDD (88.5 NPR).

If day classes are cancelled, evening classes may or may not be cancelled. Announcements will be made by 3:00 pm for evening classes.

If day classes are delayed, the college will open for the 10:00 class meetings. Classes prior to 10:00 will not meet that day, and the instructor will inform students what to do for the missed class.


Last Update 07/17/2014