Learning Assistance Center
Location: JWH 102. Jamestown Campus
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 50318
Email: lacjamestown@gtcc.edu
Location: W4 132. Greensboro Campus
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 53058
Email: lacgreensboro@gtcc.edu
Location: H4 219. High Point Campus
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 55048
Email: lachighpoint@gtcc.edu
Math Tutoring Lab
Location: AT 331. Jamestown Campus
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 50101
Email: pmcoldwell@gtcc.edu
Location: W3 317. Greensboro Campus
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 53071
Email: clmurphy@gtcc.edu
Location: H5 212. High Point Campus
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 55024
Email: ndechols@gtcc.edu
Writing Centers
334-4822 or 454-1126, extension 50584
Email: writingcenter@gtcc.edu
Located: AT, room 324. Jamestown Campus

Located: W4, room 122. Greensboro Campus

Located: H5, room 216. High Point Campus


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Welcome to our Math department page!

The GTCC Curriculum Mathematics department offers math courses that are required for various technical programs as well as transfer math courses offered through the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement between the North Carolina Community College System and the North Carolina University System.

To find your math course syllabus, grades or assignments you can go to  http://online.gtcc.edu/ for Moodle or to http://coursecompass.com for MyMathLab. You will find your assignments in MyMathLab. Student records are confidential. If you want your parents or guardians to have access to your records, instructors and/or grades, GTCC must have a waiver signed by you. Information will not be released to unauthorized parties without prior written permission from the student.


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The math tutoring lab is in the Sears Applied Technology Building room 331. Student tutoring is available from 8:00AM-4:00PM Monday - Thursday and 8:00AM-noon Friday. It is staffed with students who have completed calculus. There is evening on-line tutoring Sunday - Thursday evenings through BB-IM from 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM and Greensboro has tutoring from 2:00 PM-5:00 PM, Monday -Thursday in  the Tech building, W3 Lab 229.

Students can:

• Work in study groups
• Get one-on-one tutoring
• Use a computer for math homework or research

Tutoring Center:

The Tutoring Center provides free tutoring to currently enrolled GTCC students who seek assistance with their coursework. The purpose of the tutoring program is to help students become independent and successful learners by assisting them to develop good study skills, to increase their understanding of course content, to enhance their self-confidence, and to develop a positive attitude toward learning.

Tutors are paid by the college. The majority of tutors are currently enrolled students who have made an A or B in the course or its equivalent in which they are tutoring and have been recommended by their instructor. All students interested in receiving tutorial assistance or being a tutor should see the Tutoring Center staff for an appropriate application form. The Tutoring Center is located in room 100-102 in the Health Careers Building.

All instructors have posted office hours plus by appointment.