GTCC Vaccine Incentive Program

GTCC is committed to the health and safety of our community. Staff, faculty, and students play a big role in supporting the COVID-19 vaccine effort in Guilford County. GTCC will give all employees and students a one-time, $500 incentive payment for showing proof of vaccination.

We are working with a well-established, trusted vendor, Castlebranch, whose online system provides layers of protection for your information. All information coming into, sent out of, or stored on their website and server is encrypted in the same way banks, credit card companies, and similar websites handle sensitive information. Additionally, they use industry-standard firewalls to ensure no unauthorized users can access protected information.

Helpful Information about the Incentive Program

  • To be eligible for the vaccine incentive program, students must be taking a 2021 fall class, and employees must be teaching a class or working on campus in the 2021 fall semester.
    • All eligible employees have been provided information about how to apply via their GTCC email address.
    • All eligible curriculum (degree-seeking) and adult education students have been provided information about how to apply via their GTCC email address.
    • Notifications for eligible continuing education students have been sent via email (if available) or standard mail throughout the fall semester. Notifications are sent after a class has ended, grades have been entered, and student PIN numbers have been loaded to the CastleBranch site.
      • Notifications for some classes ending in December will not be sent until early January when the college reopens after the winter break.
  • GTCC's vaccination incentive program will end Jan. 31, 2022.
  • Verification occurs after the second shot (or one shot with Johnson & Johnson).
  • Verification is FREE (costs will be covered by GTCC).
  • Payments will be sent in the form of a check mailed to the address provided at the time of verification or via direct deposit.
  • As part of this process, you will be mailed a free Real Vaccine ID Card. Real Vaccine ID Card may soon be a universally accepted way to prove vaccination status at airports, sporting events, concerts, etc. Learn more about Real Vaccination ID Cards.

Beginning in September, employees who have been vaccinated can apply to receive their $500 vaccination incentive payment. When it's your turn to apply, notification will be sent via email for most people. Letters will be mailed to continuing education students who do not have a GTCC-provided email and who have not provided a personal email.

To apply for your $500 vaccination incentive, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Consent to share information – Electronic acknowledgement of the CastleBranch terms and conditions (provided by checking a box on the CastleBranch website)
  • Attestation form – Acknowledgement that the vaccine card being submitted is legitimate and not fraudulent (form is available for download on the CastleBranch website once you create your account)
  • Height and eye color
  • Copy of government issued photo identification
  • Copy of recent photo with plain background for Real Vaccination ID
  • Copy of vaccine record

Steps to Apply

Step 1: Create a CastleBranch Account

  • Please refer to the email or letter you receive from GTCC for a link to CastleBranch's program registration page.
  • Your personal identification number (PIN) is your Colleague ID. Castlebranch refers to this as "Student ID."
  • Required fields will be marked with an asterisk (*), and employees do not need to answer any student-related questions.
  • If you do not know your Colleague ID (also referred to as “Student ID” on the CastleBranch website), please visit Once logged in, click on your username (Ex. absmith) in the green bar in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up a drop-down menu. You can then click on "User Profile." This will take you to the "About You" page. Your seven-digit Colleague ID number will display underneath your name. If your ID number begins with any zeroes, those should be included when entering your pin number.
  • If you have any issues with your PIN (Colleague ID) number, please email
  • We recommend using a personal email address for this process.
  • If you receive an error message on CastleBranch web pages, click refresh and try again.

Step 2: Upload Documents

After you have created a CastleBranch account, if you experience any issues, please contact CastleBranch support (888-914-7279 or email GTCC staff will not have access to your account.

After you receive notification via email asking you to login and check your messages, you will be able to upload your documentation.

You will need the following documents handy to complete your upload:

  • Picture of vaccine card
  • Picture of government issued ID
  • Recent picture of yourself with a plain background
  • Attestation form – which you will download from your CastleBranch account

Specifications and instructions are listed by each item on the CastleBranch page.

After you upload each document, make sure you click the Submit button. If you have successfully completed a section, the status should say "Pending Review."

Once your “To-Do List” shows as complete, there are no additional steps and your incentive payment will be processed using the disbursement schedule in step #3 below. Please check your CastleBranch account often to verify that you have completed all steps of the verification process. This may include re-uploading documentation if there are any issues.  No payments will be processed until your CastleBranch "To-Do List" shows as complete.

Step 3: Select Payment Preference

  • Direct Deposit: If you would like to receive your incentive via direct deposit, your banking information must be added via Self-Service at Employees, please note that this is a different process than your direct deposit information for payroll. 
  • Once logged in, click on Banking Information and then Add an Account. Please note that when you add a new bank account, the account will initially show as "Not Verified." 
  • Check: If you do not enter any direct deposit information, a paper check will be mailed to your address on file with GTCC.

Disbursement Schedule

Disbursements for vaccine incentives will follow this schedule
Vaccination Status Verified By: Vaccine Incentive Payments Disbursed On:
09/30/21 10/15/21
10/31/21 11/15/21
11/30/21 12/15/21
12/31/21 01/21/22
1/31/21 2/16/22

Lost your Vaccine Card?

If you are fully vaccinated but have lost your vaccine card, please visit the following website for more information about obtaining proof of vaccination:

 For additional information on the COVID-19 Vaccine: