GM ASEP Program

The GM ASEP (General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program) program is the product of a partnership between GM dealerships, AC DELCO, and the local participating colleges, in this case, GTCC.

The GM ASEP program allows you to get on-the-job training at sponsoring GM dealerships and AC DELCO service centers while earning an Associate Degree in Automotive Systems Technology. During the Work Base Learning (WBL) training, which takes place eight weeks out of every sixteen-week semester (except the first semester), and four to five weeks the other semesters, you will work full-time in the dealership or service center while earning both college credit and an hourly salary from the employer.

A substantial benefit of this partnership is the availability of new GM training vehicles for hands-on instruction at GTCC. Additionally, GM provides the college with components, tech data, computer-based training products, and specialty tools to ensure students get the best possible training to prepare them for a career as a service technician.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in the GM ASEP program, it is recommended that you contact a faculty member as soon as possible to discuss sponsorships and placement at a service center. This is a limited enrollment program, which means that application to this program is competitive.

Students interested in applying to this program must follow guidelines on our Limited Entry Programs page.

Jeff Faircloth-Program Coordinator
336-334-4822 ext. 50184

Yes, Financial aid is available if you qualify. Please visit the Financial Aid web page or contact the Financial Aid office at 336-334-4822. Select option 3.

This program is five semesters long, including one summer.  The course work is taught in split semesters, 5-12 weeks at school, and 4-8 weeks at a GM dealership or AC DELCO service center, depending on the semester.

You must start when the fall term begins in August of each year.  However, you could start other appropriate academic courses any semester.  Contact the GM ASEP instructor for advising to determine the appropriate starting point.

You must have a basic set of hand tools while working at the service center.  Please contact the instructor to learn more.

You are required to attain sponsorship at a GM dealership or AC DELCO service center to work during the Work Base Learning (WBL) portions of the program.  Upon your successful completion, and subsequent graduation of the program, the employer will usually offer you full-time employment.

First, you may go to your local GM dealership or AC DELCO service center and ask for sponsorship in the GM ASEP program.  If this is not an option, you may contact the instructor, and he will help you find a dealership. The instructor works closely with several dealerships across North Carolina and may know of opportunities in your area. Sponsorship means the employer will give you a place to work during the WBL portion of class.  

You will earn GM training credits in electrical, steering and suspension, brakes, climate control, gas and diesel engine repair, gas and diesel engine performance, manual transmission and drivetrain, and automatic transmissions. You will also earn an ASE HVAC certification.