Activity Director – Basic

State and federal regulations require an Activity Director working in an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility to complete a state approved Activity Training course. By completing this 60 hour course, you will receive a certificate of completion and can use this course as a step toward national certification for Activity Directors.

In addition to the scheduled class meetings, there is also a 25-hour practicum requirement that will be completed outside of class in a skilled nursing facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Course registration fee is $188.00
  • Book cost is approximately $65.00
  • Total cost is approximately $253.00

Payment for class is due at the time of registration.


The next class will be in the Spring 2022 term.

Note: People with felonies will have a difficult time being hired as Activity Directors.

You may register online: Register

Students must purchase books PRIOR to the first day of class. Required textbook is:
ISBN:  9781611580617 Long-Term Care for Activity Professionals, Socials Services Professionals, Recreational Therapists, 7th Ed. from Idyll Arbor Inc. 

Cost is approximately $65.00 at GTCC Bookstore.

Students who successfully complete the Activity Director – Basic class will receive an Award of Completion. 

Requirements for Successful Completion:

  • Attendance: Must be in class 92% of class hours; cannot miss more than five hours of class.
  • Completion of all practicum assignments (homework)
  • Completion and presentation of course project (final project)
  • Minimum score of 75% on final comprehensive exam
  • Completion of 25 hour practicum in a long-term care facility

If you enter after the second day of class, you will not receive credit for taking the class.  Additionally, time absent will be counted against you; students can only miss five hours of class total and pass the class. 

The college will make a 100% refund of registration fees if you officially withdraw from class before the first meeting.  Also if the class is canceled or full, GTCC will make a full refund. 

The college will refund 75% of the registration fee (of tuition only) if you officially withdraw from the class on the first day of class or before the class reaches the census date.  The census date varies from class to class.  Non-attendance is not a basis for a refund.