About Power Pathways

GTCC’S POWER (Providing Opportunities for Workforce Education Review) Program classes help adult students with intellectual and developmental disabilities improve their reading, math, computer, and job readiness skills with a goal of helping students obtain employment or enter post-secondary education. POWER Pathways courses give these students the skills to find meaningful career or volunteer opportunities, promoting self-sufficiency.

Our first POWER Pathway Program, Food Service, began Spring 2019.

This program is offered on our Greensboro campus.  The limit is 15 students!

There is a registration fee of $133 for the Food Service Program and limited scholarships for those able to demonstrate financial need are available.

Download the application packet and complete the applications (pages 3-6). Applicants should address their application via email to the Adult Basic Education Program Coordinator Krystal Gossett (kbgossett@gtcc.edu).

Please download a scholarship application [PDF].

Students must complete a POWER Pathways program application and schedule an individual appointment for an interview and a CASAS or TABE assessment to be admitted to GTCC’s POWER Pathways program. Prospective students must score at least the third-grade reading and math level on a CASAS or TABE assessment to be admitted to the program.  

For more information about the Power Pathways program, please complete our information form.

Our next POWER Pathways class is tentatively scheduled to begin in Spring 2021, exact dates TBD! Our POWER Pathways program application and the scholarship application (if needed) for our Spring 2021 semester class is above.

The Food Service Program prepares students to work or volunteer in the Culinary and Food Supply Industry. Topics covered include:

  • Principles of Basic Cookery
  • Basic Menu and Recipe Planning
  • Intro To Basic Baking
  • Basic Knife Skills
  • Cooking Methods and Techniques

Food Service program students will have the opportunity to take the SERVSafe Food Handlers certification exam to earn an industry-recognized credential.

Career Development instruction is included in all POWER Pathway courses to help with:

  • Employment strategies, such as resume preparation and interviewing techniques
  • Goal setting and career pathway development

Students will also have instruction in soft skills needed to retain employment.

Daily schedule: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Learn more about the POWER program.