Grady Harp

Ambassador Grady Harp

"Starting college classes at a young age caused me to grow up a little faster than most teenagers. This has caused me to have an older person's mindset."

Major/Program: Aviation Systems Technology

Current City: High Point, N.C.

Hometown: High Point, N.C.

Accomplishments: Dean’s list, Marshall for 2018 graduation, student ambassador.

What attracted to GTCC were the numerous programs available for hands-on training, such as mechanics. Also the middle college had the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate degree.

Career aspirations: My current goal is to pass everything to become a certified aviation mechanic. Five years after that, I see myself becoming a manager. However, all throughout my life I would like to travel, somewhere different every time. Getting married and eventually settling down is one of my goals.

If I had an opportunity to thank the donor who helped me pursue my education, I would say...

It’s not what I would say, it’s what I would do. I would start by giving them a big hug and then giving them a tour of where I am a mechanic/manager. This will show them their donation did not go to waste. Then we would go to a nice dinner and get to know each other a little bit better.