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Our campus stores are where you can buy textbooks (new and used), as well as supplies, apparel, electronics, snacks and other items. Click on an image below to visit our Campus Stores websites, with information about shopping online or at our on-campus locations.

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Jamestown bookstore storefront in Machinery Hall

Jamestown Campus Store
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Aviation Campus Store
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Greensboro Campus Store
High Point campus merchandise display
High Point Campus Store & Cashier

Online Ordering Information

GTCC offers four convenient Guilford County campus store locations  to purchase books assigned to your courses. For your convenience, you also can shop with confidence online. GTCC accepts credit card or financial aid awards as payment for all online orders.

All online orders ship via our FedEx ground $5 shipping program.

DAYONE Inclusive Access, VitalSource eBooks and most publisher software codes are emailed and you will not be charged shipping. Order materials by the location of the campus where your course is based and the course code. Most online courses are listed under Jamestown. All sections use the same course materials, so if your section is not listed, simply select another.

Payment Options

Pre-orders are offered for the coming term and are held and shipped out the week prior to the first day of classes using your Student Identification Number on your order. Any orders you place online or charges made in the Campus Stores using your Student ID number are deducted from your financial aid award.

Orders usually ship out in 1-2 business days.

Ordering Dates

You may pay using your Student ID and financial aid award in-store during the following dates*:

  • Summer 2020: 5/13/2020 - 6/4/2020 Online only
  • Fall 2020: 8/10/2020 - 8/28/2020
  • Spring 2021: 1/4/2021 - 1/22/2021
  • Summer 2021: 5/13/2021 - 6/07/2021

Online ordering using your financial aid usually begins 1-2 weeks prior to these dates and shipments process during the first week of financial aid. In-store purchasing does require your GTCC Student ID and a second IDsuch as a driver's license or state issued ID.

* - All returns/exchanges must be made by the last date shown.

Thank you for shopping your college owned and operated Campus Stores where all proceeds stay at GTCC to support student-centered endeavors!



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