Access Amazing Scholars Program

The goal of the Access Amazing Scholars program is to encourage GTCC students to take advantage of the variety of student life activities and student support services to make their educational pathway as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Access Amazing Scholars will build a solid educational foundation, while also focusing on personal and professional development and participating in a variety of cultural learning opportunities.   

Students who chose to attend GTCC right after high school are eligible to opt-in to the Access Amazing Scholars Program. Students who remain in the program throughout their time at GTCC will be recognized as an Access Amazing Scholar at graduation.

Students do not have to be an Access Amazing Scholarship recipient to be an Access Amazing Scholar.

Criteria to be an Access Amazing Scholar

  1. Scholars will be invited by email to participate in the program with specific dates, time, and location for the academic year.
  2. Scholars must remain in good academic standing.
  3. Scholars will participate in the Titan Trail co-curricular program. Titan Trail provides out-of-classroom learning opportunities structured to maximize a students GTCC experience. The program will help build skills to prepare you for your future and your career. Scholars have the option to complete the entire Titan Trail but are only required to complete one learning domain.