McCauley Earns Top Employee Honors For Grace Under Pressure

Published on: March 2, 2021
January 2021 GTCC Employee of the Month Tiffany McCauley

Faced with a campus-wide academic schedule that was totally disrupted by COVID-19, Tiffany McCauley did what she always does: she performed flawlessly under pressure. Which is why she was recognized as GTCC’s January employee of the month.

Tiffany has been the primary connection for all directors, chairs, and deans who are responsible for building the academic schedule, which is the heart and soul of the college and the primary way that our students come to us and choose our classes.

Back in March, when we went out due to COVID, everyone was trying to determine how we would move forward in the summer and the fall semesters. The schedules had already been built, but now there was great uncertainty. Once every classroom issue was addressed and a plan put in place, Tiffany had to rebuild a new section for every altered class, all at a very rapid pace to address the changes mandated. At the same time, she had to provide faculty and chairs with class rosters so that every student could be contacted to inform them of the changes to their schedules.

Through it all, Tiffany stayed calm and kept a smile on her face as she handled hundreds of requests for changes. I spoke to her multiple times every weekend as she tried to process all of these unforeseen, yet critical, changes.

Tiffany was the bedrock of the college at the most difficult time in the history of higher education. No one across the United States has been prepared for anything like this, and every college has been muddling through. But, as a result of all her hours of hard work, we started the fall semester successfully and our students benefited from being able to choose either face-to-face learning or some online method.

I cannot say enough about how her patience with all the changes we are continually having to make has helped all of us, students, faculty, and administrators, manage to keep things going. Tiffany deserves college-wide recognition for her help to us all.”

 Please join us in congratulating Tiffany for this special recognition.

 -Employee of the Month Committee.

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