Schwartz Earns Top Employee Honors For Efficient Management Of COVID Crisis Hotline

Published on: April 12, 2021
GTCC employee of the month committee honors Amy Schwartz

When there is a crisis, there isn’t many things more important than a crisis hotline. That certainly has been the case for Guilford Technical Community College during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Amy Schwartz, executive administrative assistant, has been the lead administrative support for the college’s COVID Hotline. She has handled the majority of the calls during the past year and has provided guidance to students, faculty and staff who call. In addition to handling the calls, she has monitored the number and voicemail messages seven days a week.

In recognition for her diligence and hard work, the employee of the month committee has selected Schwartz as the February employee of the month for GTCC.

During the COVID crisis Schwartz compiled data and created our weekly COVID management report. This report provides the College Leadership Team with a snapshot of the activity on the hotline and the severity of each call. This has been the single most important part of the college’s overall COVID management strategy because through it, we have been able to determine if we are creating and maintaining a safe environment for faculty, staff, and students.

Schwartz has also been a huge help supporting the Instructional Environment Committee in developing a plan to move instructional materials off of flash drives, organizing and expediting the reimaging of faculty computers and in identifying other priority areas and departments in need of reimaging.

This committee had to be organized quickly and required follow up with numerous areas to prioritize the various tasks. Schwartz’ commitment to working with the team and keeping the committee organized helped ensure this process went as smoothly as possible.

She is always willing to assist and help where needed, even when her list of tasks are many. She takes the time to listen and follow up on items that are essential for us to complete our duties. And she has accomplished this while completing her normal day-to-day duties without missing a beat.

She is always cordial and respectful and is a valued team member. She is always willing to pitch in and she has a positive influence on all the individuals with whom she works. She always goes above and beyond with anything she does. She is truly an exceptional employee for GTCC.

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