e2Campus Sign-Up

Want to be in the know?

GTCC offers a service that will notify you by text or email when we have a situation such as an emergency or inclement weather.

STUDENTS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO REGISTER to stay current with important information.

Setup Your Account

Watch The “How To” Video:

Don’t want to receive E2Campus alerts? Here is how to Opt Out.

Opt Out Method #1

When a new phone number is added to e2Campus, the system will immediately send a text message notice to the phone. This notice will read as follows:

“You are now subscribed to emergency alerts from GTCC. Reply OPTOUT to stop all alerts.”

Simply reply “OPTOUT” to the text and you will be unsubscribed.

Method #2

Sign-in on E2campus and under the Account tab, agree to terminate your account.