College Transfer Students

College Transfer is a unique opportunity for curriculum students to be exposed to various colleges and universities throughout the school year. The college transfer liaison works closely with four-year schools to partner with students to help them facilitate the college transfer process and allow them to explore their educational options.

College Transfer At GTCC

  • Constant notification via email when schools will be visiting campus
  • Diversity in the schools that come to campus
  • Opportunities to have more personable meeting with college representatives by participating in the Transfer Thursday program
  • Exposure to various colleges and universities throughout the school year
  • On campus college fair opportunities (Jamestown & Greensboro Campuses)
  • Evening engagements with college representatives to discuss transfer options
  • College Transfer Club that caters to the needs of the transfer driven student
  • College transfer assistance from an available Student Success Specialist in the Student Success Center
  • Monthly newsletter highlighting all things college transfer with a bonus spread featuring a different college or university within each issue.

  • Book a Time
  • Get help in finding possible transfer destinations.
  • Identify degree interests and which institutions offer them.
  • Get connected with other institutions’ transfer advisors.
  • Receive help in the transfer process.

  • Make requests for a particular school to visit the campus
  • Visit the student success center to inquire about college literature on hand
  • Participate in the scheduled college tours/visits alongside college transfer club members

College Transfer Club

The College Transfer Club is here to provide another resource to assist students with their transfer needs. The college transfer club is a student led organization where students with like minds have the opportunity to fellowship and experience the process of transferring as a unit. In addition to feeding their educational needs, club members commit to helping the community and serving those in need. The college transfer club provides leadership opportunities and is a great college resume builder!

  • How to read your individual GTCC student evaluations
  • College Jeopardy – How much do you know about Colleges & Universities in NC?
  • Finding your transfer fit – Learning what academic and social resource tools are available at various schools to enhance your learning experience.
  • Making the most of your college visit

There are many benefits of participating in the College Transfer Club. While some of the reasons are essential in helping students to choose a college, other reasons are beneficial to the social and personal development of the student. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Peer Support
  • Networking
  • Up-to-date Information on Colleges
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Friendships and Fun
  • Exposure to many four-year institutions

Remember, the College Transfer Club is YOUR organization. You can benefit the CTC in many capacities. Some of the competencies that students should possess that will have a great impact the club’s success are:

  • Reliability
  • Ability to work effectively w/ others
  • Active Listener
  • Constructive Communicator
  • Open-Minded
  • Willing to Participate
  • Committed
  • Respectful/Supportive

If you are interested in becoming a member of the College Transfer Club, just come to one of our meetings! Meetings are held every other Wednesday at noon beginning January 15th on the Jamestown Campus, and once per month at 11:30 am beginning February 19th at the Greensboro Campus. If you can’t attend the meetings, just visit the College Transfer Club on Web Advisor under the Student Life tab to keep up with the latest news on upcoming events.

College Information – The most significant objective of the College Transfer Club is to make the college transfer process as smooth as possible for students. Within the organization, students are provided an opportunity to meet other students that are planning to transfer to a four-year institution. Information of different four-year institutions is provided and students are encouraged to share information about the different colleges that they plan to attend and to be of support to their fellow club members.

College Tours & Transfer Fairs – Students who become members of the College Transfer Club can participate in activities such as going on college tours and attending college transfer fairs. Such activities are designed to help students explore a plethora of transfer options that are available and to become more familiar with the transfer process. Also, students will engage in fundraisers that will help fund the activities provided for members of the College Transfer Club.

If you are on the path of College Transfer, this is an excellent student organization to join. Stay proactive about your future and COME GET INVOLVED in an organization that cares about you and your future!

Tips For Successfully Transferring

Map out a plan of action with your Faculty Advisor/Student Success Coach

  • Research the school you would like to transfer to. Get to know the pre-requisite requirements for the university major you’re interested in pursuing
  • Don’t overload yourself! Take an equal amount of “major, general, and elective” courses each semester to even out your course load
  • Know your registration date and time. Always register as soon as possible
  • Keep returned papers from professors who may provide future job recommendation
  • Use all of GTCC’s student resources!
  • Counseling/DisAbility Access Services Office
  • Student Success Center
  • Tutoring Center
  • Writing Lab
  • Learning Assistance Center

  • C’s mean you’re an AVERAGE STUDENT
  • D’s DO NOT Transfer

  • Seek out internships and co-op opportunities
  • Create opportunities for experience by volunteering

  • Accept Honor Society offers recognized by your school
  • Attend scholarship writing workshops

  • Bring an unofficial copy of your transcript for better advisement
  • Get to know the new school by attending their transfer events
  • Overnight Orientation Events
  • Transfer Workshops
  • Campus Tour
  • Open House

  • Show a one year or more, commitment to an extracurricular activity
  • Highlight your work experience (Proves that you are capable of multitasking while succeeding in school.)
  • Highlight leadership roles in the Student Government Association or campus clubs
  • Have one or two faculty recommendations available for review

  • College times for many, is a fond reflection and highlight of their youth
  • Build a long-lasting network for future career movement
  • Keep a check on your social networks (Hint: employers check them)

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