Ambassador program opens doors for student

Published on: September 7, 2022
Kendall Stai is a GTCC student ambassador
Kendall Stai became a student ambassador in 2020.

When Kendall Stai first moved to the Greensboro area from Minnesota two years ago, she didn't know what she was going to do in her new home. Her mom had just gotten a new job, and Stai didn't have many friends; however, she did have ambition, a love for leadership, and a connection to GTCC.

After speaking to family members who work at GTCC, the 23-year-old Stai decided she would start her college journey by enrolling in the Business Administration and Accounting program and work toward her Associate in Arts. Stai grew up around family members who work in business, all of whom inspired her to pursue her degree.

"Part of being in a business is being a team player, and I'm very sociable," Stai said. "It's not just about you. It's about what you can do for your entire team to succeed as a whole rather than just you as an individual.

"I don't want to just help myself succeed but to help influence others to succeed as well."

Before her first semester was over, Stai became interested in the GTCC Student Ambassador Program. In 2020, she officially became a student ambassador. As an ambassador, Stai has had many networking opportunities, an influential social circle, and access to resources through GTCC.

"(The GTCC Student Ambassador Program) allows me to be part of an organization and to be more involved in the school," she said. "The ambassadorship has actually helped me to meet a lot of people… and grow a lot as a person, too."

Through the program, Stai has made many friends with similar a work ethic and interests, making the work she does as an ambassador even more enjoyable for her.

"I believe that if you hang out with people who want to be successful, it also helps you to want to be successful," Stai said.

Stai said the impact of her friends from the program has encouraged her to become a 4.0 student and excel in her courses. Stai credits the program with helping her make the president's list and dean's list nearly every semester. She also has gained many useful skills that will set her apart in the professional world, including better communication skills and learning how to be a team player.

Stai explained that in her career, communication between people can be challenging when there are opposing viewpoints, but that having to communicate with others and to be a representative of GTCC has helped her learn how to express her thoughts to her colleagues.

After she graduates in spring 2023, Stai plans to transfer to either High Point University or UNC Greensboro to pursue a bachelor's degree. She hopes to find a job in human resources management.

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