GTCC's Titan Link gets well-deserved recognition

Published on: April 25, 2024
Two women at GTCC talking about Titan Link, a student help service.
Undrea Jenkins, the GTCC High Point Campus Facilitator for Titan Link (left) and Director Natashia McEachern say the students who use their services are so grateful and appreciative, and the best part, they’re able to remain in school and continue their education.

Going to college is expensive any way you look at it. In addition to tuition, books, and other fees, students have to pay for a place to live, transportation, and daily expenses such as food and clothing. For full-time students, the financial burden can be too much. That’s where the GTCC Foundation comes in. With help from the High Point Community Foundation, it offers students access to resources through Titan Link when life unexpectedly throws a curve ball. Originally aired on WGHP Fox 8 and published at

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