Twenty years after graduating from GTCC’s auto systems tech program Knox twins say it still offers great value today

Published on: April 16, 2024
GTCC Alumni Seth Knox (left), and Adam Knox at their workplace, Van York Honda in High Point, NC. April 2024.
GTCC Alumni Seth Knox (left), and Adam Knox graduated from the automotive systems technology program at GTCC more than two decades ago.


It’s no surprise that Adam and Seth Knox have worked side-by-side for 20 years. Or, that they both graduated from the same program at Guilford Technical Community College more than two decades ago.

Adam and Seth are twins. They’ve been inseparable since birth, a kinship made stronger by a father who allowed them to tinker on cars with him while growing up.

That tinkering turned into a career for the identical twins, boosted along by two years in GTCC’s automotive systems technology program that brought them a program certification and associate degree from the college.

Today, the brothers oversee the used car service department at Vann York Automotive in High Point.

“I always enjoyed working on cars with my dad and brother,” said Seth. “Growing up, our dad taught us to fix things ourselves. It’s like a puzzle when you get a car to diagnose.”

When it came time to pick a pathway after graduation from Glenn High School, practicality and affordability pointed them to Guilford Tech. More than 20 years later they both remain involved with the college, returning to campus periodically for continuing education classes.

“I really liked how hands on it was,” Adam said of his time at GTCC. “And being able to work and apply the skills you were learning really gave us a leg up when we started working full time. We didn’t have a big learning gap because we’d already been working with our companies, and we already knew the basis of how a shop and a dealership work.”

An apprenticeship program, a part of the college’s automotive technology program then and now, is key in the success of graduates the Knox twins said.

“It was a great way to take what you learned and use it in real time on the job,” Seth said of his days in the apprenticeship portion of the program. “Back then, we would be in class a few weeks then on the job full time for a few weeks. That was nice because you were able to see how full days operate.”

“It helps you put what you learn into practice,” Adam added about the apprenticeship portion of the program. “You got to make money and it helped you secure a job when you finished.”

Seth and Adam are like many in the automotive industry who face the dilemma of a shrinking workforce, which make programs like GTCC’s auto tech program more important and attractive.

“It is becoming stressful in the workplace because of the lack of technicians,” said Seth. “Stores are paying more to attract new techs. This is a great opportunity to get into the industry because you could make six figures in a few years with the right training and motivation.”

It is, both Seth and Adam say, the perfect time to follow their lead and take advantage of the automotive technology program offered by Guilford Tech and earn an associate degree in the process.

“I would highly recommend completing the degree program,” said Seth. “You get hands-on training, and the extra classes give you a baseline for a four-year degree and exposes you to general education courses that are helpful.

“The instructors were very knowledgeable and hands on when we were there and they still have wonderful instructors that are committed to the industry and the success of their students.”

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