GTCC student sees FAME program as his path for the future

Published on: June 3, 2024
Student working on a machine at GTCC
Muhammud Abu-Kass demonstrates how to work the training equipment at Guilford Tech Community College. The equipment trains him to be ready to work at Toyota’s first and only battery manufacturing plant in the U.S.

When Muhammud Abu-Kass’ high school teacher told him about an opportunity at a nearby community college to be trained to work for Toyota’s first and only electric vehicle battery plant and get paid for it, he paused his plans to pursue an engineering degree.

“Getting that technical experience is going to be good for the future, as well as working with the company and learning all of these professional behaviors and how to deal with people,” said Abu-Khass, 20. 

Abu-Khass joined the first class of a Toyota-founded training program at Guilford Tech Community College campus. The students’ uniforms, Kelly green polos, stood out against the rows of blue equipment that filled the temporary classroom, a vast space full of high-tech manufacturing machinery.

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