Just For Faculty

This page contains information for GTCC faculty regarding course testing including mid-terms and finals within the Assessment Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PDF version is located here: Faculty Testing Instruction Form 

The DisAbility Services Faculty Testing Instruction Form is located here: DAS Testing Instruction Form. The DAS form is an extended version of the PDF version and can be used in lieu of the PDF version.

  1. The Assessment Center can accommodate any student who is unable to test in the classroom because of an accident, illness or other excused absence from class. Students who are contagious are not to test in the Assessment Center until they are no longer contagious (for example, chicken pox or strep throat).
  2. The Assessment Center cannot accommodate entire classes, including final exams unless the class is an alternate delivery course (i.e. distance learning or the web enhanced). Seating within the Assessment Center is limited and during busy times, students may have to wait for an available desk or computer station.

The Assessment Center is unable to accommodate out of class assignments tests.

Should any of your students have a letter of accommodation regarding tests those test should be handled in the following manner:

  1. All tests for students requesting accommodations need to be forwarded to the Assessment Center. This can be done via email (testingcenter@gtcc.edu), or dropped off at the Assessment Center’s front desk. Tests should be dropped off at least 48 hours prior to the start date of the test. Download: DAS Testing Instruction Form. The faculty instruction form and the DAS faculty instruction form have been combined into one form.
  2. DAS students will use http://www.registerblast.com/gtcc/exam to schedule a test appointment. Students must request a test appointment at least 24 hours prior to the desired test date/time.

  1. Students must present a photo id in order to test. Students arriving at the Assessment Center without a valid photo id will not be allowed to test.
  2. Please inform students that they will need to tell the Assessment Center staff the following information: Instructor’s name; the course number; if it is a distance learning course; and the test name or number or the chapters that the test covers. This is necessary as some instructors teach 2-3 different courses and we want to ensure the student is provided with the correct test.
Please ensure students are aware of materials that they may access during the test. For example, if the faculty instruction form identifies that a scantron is needed, the student must provide it. If the use of a calculator is noted then the student is responsible to ensuring the calculator they bring with them is of the correct type. If a notation is made that 2 3X5 index cards can be used then a sheet of paper filled with notes is not appropriate and will not be allowed.