Make your advising appointment now with your Faculty Coach

March is advising month at GTCC. Meet with your Faculty Coach to discuss your summer and fall course registration. Meeting now allows you to register in time to get the classes you need. If you wait, you may miss out on the classes you want. 

It is important that you see your advisor on a regular basis to stay on track for earning your degree. To learn more about seeing your advisor, review the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Log into your WebAdvisor or
  2. Click on the academic tab
  3. Click my profile
  4. Scroll down to see your advisor’s name listed

Yes. To ensure that students are on the right path to graduation, an advising hold is placed on your account every other semester that will prevent you from registering until you meet with your assigned academic coach/advisor.

Need Help?

Contact Student Success & Retention Services for help with academic advising, registration, college transfer and career services.

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