All-College Read: Literacy and Educational Development Programs for Arab Refugee Women in the Piedmont Area of North Carolina - **CANCELED**

February 25, 2020

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Jamestown Campus — Sears Applied Technologies (AT) 120


This discussion will focus on the factors, barriers, and learning needs of Arab refugee women with low-level language and literacy skills and intended to show how their prior experiences and current life contexts affected their educational participation and future learning experiences.  Additionally, it will explore the complexities of living in the host country, where Arab refugee women often endure a perpetuation of the same cultural restrictions as in their home country and assessed the overall programmatic shortfalls and inadequacies of educational provision for Arab refugee women in the Piedmont Area of North Carolina where they now live.

Facilitator: Noor Al Samraai, ABE/GED/ASE Program Assistant at GTCC