Transportation and Parking

It is important that all students, staff and faculty follow the proper procedures when driving and parking on campus. Please read and become familiar with the following rules and regulations.

For information about where to park on any of our campuses, please see our Campus Locations page for campus maps.

If you need information on parking decals, please see our Campus Safety and Police page for Campus Police contact information.

Transportation to-from Campus

An easy way to navigate the transit system to GTCC campuses is with the Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) and the High Point Transit System (HiTran).

  • Moovit lets you know what the best route is for getting to your destination and tells you when the next bus will be departing.
  • On the GTA Routes web page, you can track bus routes and see where buses are. You can also plan your trip using the Google Transit widget.
  • Are you coming from other places in the Triad? Check out Ride the Triad from the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART).
  • If you're putting lots of miles on your car every day, consider Share the Ride NC to find car pool partners.
  • For additional help with transportation issues, such as bus passes and the Transportation Assistance Program (TAP), please visit Titan Link.

On-Campus Traffic Regulations

  • All person operating vehicles on GTCC property must meet the same standards for licensing and insurance as required by N.C. Law.
  • All North Carolina Motor Vehicle Laws apply.
  • North Carolina General Statues prohibit the possession of alcohol, drugs and weapons on campus.
  • Parking regulations are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered “No Parking” zones.
  • Lack of convenient space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of a regulation.
  • Faculty, staff and students are not visitors and when parked in visitor spaces are in violation.
  • The speed limit on all roads and at all GTCC campuses is 20 MPH and is strictly enforced by radar.

GTCC’s Traffic/Parking Policy and Procedures are in effect at all times. Students may park in any parking spaces except those specifically reserved for special use, i.e., faculty/staff, college-owned vehicles, cosmetology patrons, visitors, reserved, etc. Vehicles are required to display a current GTCC parking permit (faculty, staff, student, special, etc.) when parking in any space at any GTCC campus.

GTCC enforces traffic regulations for safety and the benefit of its employees, students, and visitors in accordance with state law. Failure to adhere to these regulations will result in prescribed penalties.

Parking regulations are in effect at all times.

Parking spaces and lots are clearly marked and it is everyone’s responsibility to find a legal parking space.

This policy applies to all employees, students and visitors to the GTCC campuses.

Visitor parking is not authorized for faculty, staff or student parking for any reason.

Except faculty, staff, visitors, cosmetology patrons, dental patrons and the physically disabled, parking spaces are not reserved on GTCC campus locations.

For information about where to park on any of our campuses, please see our Campus Locations page for campus maps.

Handicap parking is strictly enforced and limited to persons who have been issued a handicap placard by The NC Department of Motor Vehicles. The placard must be displayed when the vehicle is parked in a handicap space. The placard cannot be used by anyone else unless the person the placard is assigned to is on campus and being chauffeured by the operator of the vehicle in which the placard is displayed. Misuse of a handicap placard subjects the violator to a state citation with a fine of $250 plus confiscation of the placard.

To assist faculty, staff and student, the following guidelines must be followed so that you may park as close as possible to your office, classrooms, lab, etc. to load and/or unload:

  1. Take a 3″ X 5″ white card and print on one side: “Loading” or “Unloading.”
  2. Print your name, office location and office phone extension.

Your vehicle will be permitted to park near your respective building. Your auto will be marked and permitted a 30 MINUTE time period (unless posted otherwise) to load and/or unload. Then it MUST BE MOVED or a citation will be issued.

GTCC’s Campus Police Officers will provide or summon assistance for persons who have problems with their autos. If you need a battery boost, help with unlocking a car with keys inside or other aid, call them. Campus police are not allowed to change tires or give you a ride due to insurance reasons. If your vehicle is in a repair shop and you have to drive another vehicle, be sure to park it in a student space.

Parking violations, which normally result in a citation, may cause the vehicle to be towed if the violation affects the safe conduct of traffic at any GTCC campus.

Parking Permit Types

Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors Permit

Issued from the President’s Office to all trustees and foundation directors.

Employee Permit

Issued to all GTCC employees from the Human Resources Department.

Student Permit

Issued to students at all GTCC campus locations.

High Point & Greensboro campus permits are available in the registration line each term.

Jamestown campus permits are available at Campus Police.

Visitor Permit

Visitor permits are issued from the Campus Police office and from the Cosmetology, Dental and Testing offices.

Handicapped Parking

State issued handicapped license plates or placards are honored.

Special Permit Reserved Parking

Issued by the administration for those persons with temporary parking needs.

Parking Permit Fees

GTCC curriculum students will be assessed a prorated parking fee each term.

Extension students pay an annual fee.

Faculty and staff receive their parking permit decals from the GTCC Personnel Office at no charge.


  • Unauthorized parking in a “Handicapped Only” space (Officers at their discretion may issue a state citation which has a maximum fine of $250 and is not appealable through GTCC procedures.)
  • Blocking an entrance to a parking lot
  • Blocking a lane of traffic
  • Parking in any other area posted “No parking Anytime”
  • Not displaying a special cosmetology parking permit
  • Blocking a building entrance or dumpster
  • Unattended vehicle in a loading zone
  • Occupying more than one parking space
  • Obstructing a sidewalk or walkway
  • Not displaying a GTCC parking permit decal
  • Improper placement of a GTCC parking permit decal
  • Parking on grass
  • Parking in a posted faculty/staff space without appropriate decal
  • Parking wrong direction in a “One Way” posted zone
  • Parking in a reserved parking lot and/or space
  • Protruding into a lane of travel
  • Parking on shoulder of road
  • Overparking in a posted time zone


All parking fines are $25.00.

An individual’s second offense in the same semester will subject their vehicle to impoundment and towing.

All payment of parking or traffic fines may be taken or mailed to:

P.O. Box 309
Drawer R
Jamestown, N.C. 27282

Payment may also be made in person at the Cashier Office Locations:

Jamestown Campus

Cashiers Located in Room 270

Medlin Campus Center (MCC)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Greensboro Campus

Cashier Located in the Bookstore

Continuing Education Center (CEC)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 12 NOON

High Point Campus

Cashiers Located in the Bookstore

H1 Building

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 12 NOON

YOU MUST SUBMIT YOUR COPY OF THE CITATION(S) WITH PAYMENT. This is to ensure that proper clearance is given to your specific citation(s).

Unpaid Citation Fines: Student accumulating unpaid citation fines will have grades and transcripts withheld and will not be permitted to register for future terms until the indebtedness is satisfied. Faculty and staff member accumulating unpaid citation fines will be subject to the procedures set forth in the GTCC Management Manual, Section I-1.040 (parking).


  • Unauthorized parking in a “Handicapped Only” space
  • Parking in a handicap space without a valid placard
  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Unattended vehicle in a loading zone
  • Parking in a designated tow zone
  • Other violations which affect the safe conduct of traffic at GTCC

NOTE: When a vehicle is subject to towing and a police officer has impounded the vehicle, the operator who interferes with the tow subjects themselves to arrest by the officer.

Persons wishing to appeal a citation may do so in writing to the GTCC Traffic Appeals Committee. Special forms to be used in the appeals are available from the Jamestown campus Human Resources Office. At all other campuses, this form is available from the main office. All appeal forms are to be submitted by the person who is appealing. The appeal form should be returned to the location from which you picked it up within 3 school days of receipt of citation. YOU MUST ATTACH YOUR COPY OF CITATION(S) TO YOUR APPEAL. Once the appeals committee has considered your appeal, you will be notified of the committee’s decision.

Persons wishing to appeal a vehicle impoundment and towing will receive a written notification of the appeal process. All appeals for impoundment/towing will be heard by a Guilford County magistrate, reference NC G.S. 20.201.11.