Accessing Accommodation Letters

Faculty Access to Clockwork

  1. You will receive an email notification when one of your students submits an accommodation letter. To review the letter, follow the link in the email or go to Instructor/Faculty Login on Clockwork.
  2. Select the Accommodation letters tab and log in using your GTCC username and password.
  3. Select the View letter link in the row corresponding to the student letter you want to view and confirm receipt.
  4. Select the Review PDF letter button to view the student’s accommodation letter. You may save or print a copy of this letter for your records. You may also return to Clockwork to review the letter in the future.  
  5. Once you have carefully read the information detailed in the letter, select the check box to acknowledge that you received and reviewed the accommodation letter. Select the Submit Please Note: Acknowledging the letter is a required step to confirm you’ve read the student’s letter.
  6. A screen will appear indicating that you have confirmed receipt of the accommodation letter. Please feel free to reach out to the student or Counseling and DAS with any questions you may have about how the accommodations need to be implemented in your course.
You may return to the Accommodation letters tab at any time to access the letters that have been shared with you. The Your confirmation column lists the date that you confirmed receipt of the accommodation letter. A blank  entry indicates that you have not yet confirmed receipt for that letter.