Student Government Association

The purpose of SGA is to promote the general welfare of students by representing the student body's interests, needs and concerns, and by keeping students informed about issues that affect them. The SGA shall act as the coordinating body of all student clubs at Guilford Technical Community College. It shall further serve as the chief programming board and be responsible for planning special events for students on all campuses of the college.

Student Government Association Executive Officers

The SGA Executive Officers are President, Vice President for Clubs, Vice President for Special Events and Secretary.

These officers represent needs and interests of all GTCC students, college-wide. They are elected each year in March and serve a full-year term.

Ava White, President

Ava White, President

David Idowu, Vice President of Clubs

David Idowu, Vice President of Clubs

Emmanuel Idowu, Vice President of Special Events

Emmanuel Idowu, Vice President of Special Events


Senators have a presence on each campus and are selected by the Executive Board through an application process. The Senators are chosen in the fall of each year and their term of office is fall through spring semester. The Senators represent the needs and interests of students at each respective campus.


Representatives are volunteers at each campus. There is no determined limit to the number of Representatives at a particular campus, and Representatives assist Senators in meeting the needs of students at a particular campus.

SGA promotes:

  • Student Advocacy
  • Student Events
  • Support of Student Clubs
  • Community Service
  • Leadership Retreats and Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the appropriate application and someone from Student Life will be in touch with you!

SGA Senator Positions:

Senator Positions

SGA Representative Positions

representative Positions

Officers and Senators Contact Information:

Ava White, President

David Idowu, Vice President of Clubs

Emmanuel Idowu, Vice President of Special Events