The Guilford Technical Community College Grant Sponsored Programs Office (GSPO is the liaison between the College and organizations that provide external funding. The Office facilitates grant processes and provides guidance and support to faculty and staff seeking external funds that will advance the mission and vision of the College. Generally, at GTCC, grants and sponsored program funding is awarded to address important issues and create positive change in education, training, instruction, services, and research. 

The Grant Sponsored Programs Office also provides guidance, information, and resources that ensure grant submissions are prepared in accordance with GTCC and sponsor agency best practices related to grant preparation, acquisition, and management.

GTCC employees interested in exploring grant resources or applying for grants should contact the Grant Sponsored Programs Office for additional guidance.

GTCC pre-award information

Pre-award services provided by the Grant Sponsored Programs Office include: 

  • Researching and disseminating funding opportunities
  • Review and interpretation of grant application instructions
  • Liaising with funding sources
  • Technical assistance with pre-proposal or proposal preparation issues
  • Developing/assisting with proposal budgets
  • Reviewing and submitting proposals
  • Completing university assurances/certifications
  • Resolving compliance issues

GTCC post-award information

Post-award services include: 

  • Assisting project directors in award administration;
  • Interpreting and fostering compliance with sponsor rules, regulations, guidelines, etc.
  • Liaising with external sponsors
  • Maintaining proper fiscal management, in cooperation with the Accounting and Reporting Office
  • Assistance with the preparation of sponsor agency reports in conjunction with the principal investigator and/or the accounting office
  • Closeout Assistance