New honors program provides students additional opportunities to excel

Published on: February 19, 2024
The first cohort of the GTCC Honors Program.From left to right, Jenna White, Lucy Jones, Munkhsetseg Ariunaa, Catalina Aldana Archila, Grecia Satzuki Espinoza Labastida.
The first cohort of the GTCC Honors Program.From left to right, Jenna White, Lucy Jones, Munkhsetseg Ariunaa, Catalina Aldana Archila, Grecia Satzuki Espinoza Labastida.


 Guilford Technical Community College recently established a brand-new Honors Program, with the first cohort of students joining the program in Spring 2024.

Created for high-achieving students who want a more challenging college experience, the Honors Program provides students with:

  • Opportunities to assume leadership roles in classes and around campus.
  • Assignments and coursework comparable to upper-level university courses.
  • Guaranteed admission into the UNCG Honors Program, with additional institutions to join.
  • More scholarship opportunities and access to scholarships available specifically for honors program students.
  • An enhanced academic and career resume.

Mary Allison Jobe, history instructor at GTCC, and Curtis Main, computer science and web development instructor at GTCC, are the co-coordinators of the program.

As co-coordinators, Jobe and Main work with students in an advisory role, where they support the students as they progress through the program.

In future cohorts, they’ll teach first-year seminar courses that introduce students to the college and to the program. As students go into final semester and begin working on community engagement, Jobe and Main will be there to help.

“We’re marketing to the really ‘go-getter’ students. It’s got more rigorous academics, meaning that they get to go more in depth with some of the subjects and work more closely with their professors,” explained Jobe.

“Students can expect lifelong recognition, respect, and regard for their academic and professional abilities, plus enhanced and powerful networking with other honors students and their staff and faculty connections,” said Main.

 Munkhtsetseg Ariunaa and Catalina Aldana Archila, two students in the first cohort, have already experienced first-hand the benefits of the Honors Program. Both of them joined the Honors Program for a more rigorous course load but have found other benefits as well.

“I’m excited for the projects in each of the honors classes,” said Archila. “It feels exclusive, and its meeting my needs to know more and gain more knowledge about my field.”

Ariunaa seconded this statement, adding that the community the cohort has provided has been a bonus for her.

“I wanted more challenging classes, but I also wanted to connect with people who have the same goals and passions as I do,” said Ariunna. “I've met some people who are really passionate about what they do, and it feels like we're all part of a close-knit family.”

Both students look forward to meeting like-minded peers and can see how beneficial participating in the program will be for their careers, from networking to building up their resumes.

Though the first cohort of honors students has just begun their journey through the program, Jobe is excited to see the students progress and see real impact.

“There’s not a lot of tangible benefits we can see yet, but I have seen the excitement from the students,” said Jobe. “The prospect of making friends seems to be a real draw for the program, and going through the rigorous process with others who understand.”

“I very much miss more in-person interaction with students, especially advanced ones with more challenging work and goals,” said Main. “These students are stellar, and I am beyond happy to push them further and further!”

If you’re interested in learning more or want to apply to the GTCC Honors Program, click here.

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