Information Technology – College Transfer Track

The Information Technology – College Transfer track at GTCC is designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution.  Students in this track typically transfer to a four-year institution after completion, where transfer of credits earned at GTCC will be applied to programs of study related to Computer Science, Information Systems and/or Information Technology. If you plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in these areas, you are strongly encouraged to utilize GTCC’s Academic Advising services, as the transfer process for each college/university is specific to that institution. In addition, the transferability of coursework from GTCC may differ by institution. It is imperative that you discuss curriculum and transfer requirements with you assigned faculty academic advisor at GTCC and with the transfer advisor at the four-year institution of your choice during their first year of study.

Credentialing Options

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to follow the general enrollment process for GTCC, found here.  During the advising process you will have the opportunity to indicate your desire to study within this curriculum. Your advisor will help you sign up for the specific courses you need.

Dr. James Carrier, Instructor
Contact Number: (336) 334-4822
Extension: 50078

Rebecca Halsey, Instructor
Contact Number: (336) 334-4822
Extension: 50239

Ernest Puglisi, Instructor
Contact Number: (336) 334-4822
Extension: 50651

Yes, Financial aid is available if you qualify. Please visit the Financial Aid web page or contact the Financial Aid office at 336-334-4822. Select option 3.

No. All software needed to complete this degree are free to students. You will learn to use several professional computer software applications during the completion of this degree. These are the standard used in the industry.

You will need a PC running the Windows operating system. An Apple brand computer running the MacOS operating system may not support some the software you are required to use.  If using a Mac, please ensure you can dual boot to Windows or use a virtualization application (such as Virtual Box, VMware, Parallels, etc.) for Windows applications.

Yes, this program is offered entirely online as part of our eDegree program. It is also available at our Jamestown Campus.

This is determined by where you decide to transfer. The General Education and Technical courses selected for this degree are part of the Universal General Education Transfer Component and Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. More information about transferring to a four-year institution can be found here.