How do I get Started?

GTCC faculty instruction prepares staff and faculty with the processes of the WBL program while encouraging the students to continue their education and to pursue their career goals.

Work-Based Learning (WBL) balances classroom instruction with real-life experience in the workplace. WBL as a co-curricular program makes the most of the connection between curriculum and on-the-job learning to fulfill the college's mission to empower students, employers, and communities to grow and to succeed through inclusive and innovative training and partnerships.

WBL actively promotes:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork
  • Learning
  • Accessibility
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
  • Time Management
  • Transferable Work Skills
  • Initiative
  • Dependability

Get Involved

  • Send the work-based learning coordinator contact information for organizations/companies with which you want to partner.
  • Partner with the work-based learning coordinator to join you on industry visits, department meetings to speak to faculty, or advisory board meetings.
  • Make e-introductions via email to industry partners.

Faculty Responsibilities 

  1. Review WBL benefits and requirements with students.
  2. Conduct orientations by deadlines.
  3. Ensure the workbook is explained and understood by the student.
  4. Ensure students are using the most up-to-date GTCC workbook.
  5. Enroll students in WBL sections.
  6. Ensure WBL course sections are offered every semester in conjunction with the Academic Catalog.
  7. Notify students that workbooks are available for purchase in the GTCC bookstore.
  8. Ensure adherence to the agreement page of the workbook throughout the semester.
  9. Review and assist with developing the Measurable Learning Outcomes (MLO).
  10. Maintain regular communication with students and supervisors.
  11. Conduct a midterm site visit.
  12. Collect WBL workbooks from students and audit them for accuracy and completeness.
  13. Provide applications to the WBL coordinator by the deadline at beginning of semester.
  14. Maintain communication with the WBL coordinator to remain aware of changes and to answer questions.