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Your career in Computer Integrated Machining starts here. At GTCC, you’ll gain the skills to take concepts
and bring them to life through advanced manufacturing technology.

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Regardless of the industry, machining is the starting point for turning ideas into finished products. You will literally shape reality with your own hands as you prepare for a career where skilled professionals are in high demand.

This program puts you in control of computer aided drawing technology, manufacturing equipment, as well as manual and computer-controlled mills and lathes. You’ll learn and train in our new, state-of-the-art GTCC Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM), featuring new equipment and greater opportunity for hands-on experience.

Through courses in metrology, CAD, CNC, machining applications, blueprint reading and by working with bench grinders, power saws, lathes and drill presses, you’ll acquire the know how to perform basic and advanced machining operations along with the technical skills to continually elevate the quality of your work.

 With your degree or certificate in Computer Integrated Machining, you’ll be ready to enter your career and make an impression right away. You will be qualified to either work as an apprentice under a machinist or as a computer numerically controlled machine operator, tool setter or tool programmer in a wide range of industries. Machining technicians are needed across manufacturing, specialty machine shops, fabrication industries and high-tech, emerging industries such as aerospace, medical and renewable energy.

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