On-Campus Counseling Support

The Counseling Center offers an array of academic, psycho-educational, and mental health workshops throughout the year to help students. In addition, several ongoing support groups which are aligned with student organizations are held regularly during the academic year. 

Clubs, Support Groups, and Psychoeducational Workshops

See the FAQ below for more information on these support groups as needed or as advertised during semester:

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshops are psycho-educational, interactive experiences that are designed to help students learn and overcome some of college’s most challenging obstacles. Examples of workshops include: time management, study skills, conflict resolution, test anxiety, depression, addictions, etc.

Workshops are offered throughout the semester at the Jamestown, Greensboro, and High Point campuses. The schedule is published at the beginning of each semester. You also are welcome to call the counseling center to find specific dates.

Workshops are 100% FREE and some faculty members give extra credit to students who attend!

Support groups are a safe place for students to come together to give and receive support regarding similar areas of concern. Support groups are student led. Support groups are offered on an as-needed basis or as a need arises within the student population.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) is a Student Organization that seeks to provide awareness of various LGBTQ issues on campus. SAGA meets bi-weekly throughout the academic year and is open to anyone who is interested!

Active Minds is a club that empowers students to change the conversation about mental health and suicide prevention. The club raises awareness, shares resources and inspires action. The club helps to build a stronger campus community.

Titan Recovery is a group of students, committed to living in Recovery (free from prior addiction) and working together to bring awareness and education to the larger college community regarding issues of Addiction/Recovery.

Simply say you’d like to be involved! For SAGA, Active Minds, Titan Recovery, or any other Counseling supported group, please contact the GTCC Counseling Center at 336-334-4822, ext. 50038 or email counselingcenter@gtcc.edu