Supply Chain Management

GTCC teaches a broad range of Supply Chain Management skills, including operations management, transportation, warehousing, purchasing, and international trade. We do this using practical industry-related equipment and software.

Our program stands out as the only community college program in the state with a teaching warehouse. We also use SAP, Excel, and a variety of supply chain simulations to provide a hands-on learning environment.

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About Supply Chain Management

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Overview of the NC Community Colleges' role in development of a skilled logistics workforce for North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to follow the general enrollment process for GTCC.  During the advising process you will have the opportunity to indicate your desire to study within this curriculum. Your advisor will help you sign up for the specific courses you need.

Yes, Financial aid is available if you qualify. Please visit the Financial Aid web page or contact the Financial Aid office at 336-334-4822 Option 3.

Supply Chain Management is the practice of coordinating the flow of products from their raw materials (anything you grow or dig out of the ground) to the end consumer (you!). This includes production, coordination between supplying and buying customers, and the flow of money and information along the supply chain.

Logistics is a subset of Supply Chain Management concerned with the movement and storage of goods along the supply chain. Before 2017, the program was named Global Logistics Technology.  The name was changed across the state of North Carolina to better reflect the content of the program and the broad opportunities for graduates across many industries.

Some students come to this program with a college degree but want to change their career path. In this case, a certificate will help with this goal. If you do not have a college degree, a certificate will give you great skills for entering the career field. However, a college degree will give you the most opportunities looking forward in this profession.


SAP is the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in the world. An ERP system is a software program that runs with one central database for the company and controls all operational functions of the company. These include sales, human resources, production, marketing, logistics, finance, etc.  Companies such as Honda Jet, Syngenta, Procter and Gamble, Volvo, Ralph Lauren and Quorvo (RF Micro) run SAP. 

Khali Bailey
Purchaser/MRP Controller
Karl Meyer, USA

“The Supply Chain program at GTCC completely changed my life. I obtained a job in my field in less than three months after graduation. I graduated in 2015 and am already working on my Masters in Global Supply Chain Management. Had I not chosen this program, I would probably still be working at a fast food restaurant, hoping to land a job. It’s such a broad field, you’re almost guaranteed to prosper.”

Meagan Elkes,
Sr. Project Manager
DSC Logistics

“The Supply Chain Management Program at GTCC went above and beyond equipping me for the job that I hold now. The knowledge and skill set attained at GTCC with their curriculum and professors gave me exactly what I needed to obtain a job at DSC Logistics as a Logistics Manager which then led to Senior Project Manager.  I owe much of my success to this program and recommend it to anyone wanting to go into this challenging and growing field.”

Berkley O. Womack
Logistics Account Executive
EPES Logistics Services, Inc

“Sam Chinnis has been the best mentor/professor for my development in establishing the critical credentials as a professional in the Supply Chain industry, which led me to be extremely successful in my current role!  Sam’s dedication to his students is immeasurable, full of integrity, and inspiring. Sam’s caring attitude and easy-going personality make him a true pleasure to learn under which did not just stop at the classroom. Sam and I are still learning. Seven years later, he keeps pushing me to keep crafting my career!”