Dental Hygiene

Everyone likes to see a beautiful smile. Would you like to be the one to help create happy and healthy smiles? Dental Hygiene may be the career for you! Immerse yourself in this exciting and challenging career field and you can become a registered dental hygienist in less than 2 years after taking national and state licensing examinations. The dental hygiene program at GTCC is nationally accredited by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation.

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Dental Hygiene

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Hygiene is a limited enrollment program at GTCC, which means that application to this program is competitive, and only 32 students will be accepted for enrollment for Fall semester. Only one class of students is accepted each academic year.

Before considering applying to the program, please review the Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Essential Functions PDF.

Students interested in applying to this program must follow guidelines on our Limited Entry Programs page.

Jennifer Fulk, Interim Program Director

Cheryl Hayes, Instructor

Tara Pardini, Instructor

Kimberly Porter, Instructor

Shannon Thomason, Instructor

Yes, Financial aid is available if you qualify. Please visit the Financial Aid web page or contact the Financial Aid office at 336-334-4822 Option 3.

Dental hygienists are well-trained professionals who work independently under the supervision of the dentist. A dental hygienist is responsible for removing deposits from the teeth and teaching patients about how to take care of their dental health. They are trained to take x-rays of the teeth and to apply preventive materials, such as fluoride and sealants.

Private dental offices in a variety of specialties, hospital clinics, public health, education, sales, research.

You must be a high school graduate or have a GED. Since the admission to this program is competitive, your application will be reviewed and points will be assigned for pre-requisite coursework in high school and/or previous college based on the grades you earned. You will need to refer to the current Dental Hygiene Information Packet document for more specific information regarding this process.

Specific Program Costs
Books $1200
Instruments $1600
Uniforms $300
GTCC Chapter of ADHA $170
Models and Supplies $300
Magnification Loupes(Optional) $675

You must take National Board Dental Hygiene Examination, a comprehensive, computer-based examination which is administered at an independent testing site. This examination must be completed prior to sitting for the state clinical licensing exam. The dental hygiene license will be issued upon successful completion of both examinations.

An estimated cost to take the national and state board examinations is approximately $1,800.00.


Yes, for the state licensing exam, there is a background check that must be done. All potential applicants for the dental hygiene program should be aware of this, and be prepared for possible explanation of any legal situation.