TitanNet is the GTCC student/public wireless network.  Previously, a login was not required.  For better security, Faculty, Staff and Students will now log on using their GTCC username/password.  Non-GTCC guests will sign on with their private email address or SMS message.   This login is similar to what you see when using wireless at the hospital, hotel or some restaurants.

TitanNet FAQ's

Some phones detect no internet access from the TitanNet captive portal and automatically switches over to your phone data plan. Your phone should have an option to temporarily disable the cell data forcing your phone to use Wi-Fi for internet triggering the captive portal. Once you have authenticated through the captive portal you can re-enable your cell data.

Many browsers should have an option to proceed with caution option. Also you may attempt another website that uses plan HTTP access like a news website ( cnn.com or foxnews.com) and the captive portal should redirect you securely. This is mainly seen when devices have their homepage setup to a HTTPS secure website.

For these types of devices we recommend pre-registering the device at https://jt-pf1.gtcc.edu/device-registration . You can do this from any internet accessible device to work around the captive portal. The device registration page only works with a valid GTCC account and is not for general public use.

All wireless devices have whats called a MAC address (sometimes called physical address). You will need to find this address for your wireless device. If unfamiliar with how to find you MAC address we advise you use google.com search for directions specific to your device.

Your login account is restricted to a 5 device limit. This is to prevent abuse of a user account to register unlimited devices for other users. You can login at https://jt-pf1.gtcc.edu/device-registration to view your devices and remove a device that may no longer need access to free up your limit.

When you authenticate as a guest you only have 1 day of access requiring you to re-authenticate. If you are a faculty, staff, or student it is advised to sign in with your GTCC account for 3 months of access before re-authentication. An access duration is set so it will self-purge the database after guest leave the campus, devices get replace, or students graduate moving on to new school/career.