Titan Account

GTCC uses Microsoft Office 365 college-wide for email. If you are new to the college, you will receive your new GTCC email address, which will end with @gtcc.edu. About 48 hours after completing your application, you will be able to activate your GTCC Titan Account.


Need Help?

If you don't know your password or you still require assistance, please contact the 24/7 Service Desk:

Visit the Center for Academic Engagement in the Sears Applied Technologies Center (AT) for course software support, installing Office, Titan Account help, and more:

Hours: 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday
Phone: (336) 334-4822, ext. 50318

PC Support and Repair

If you purchased a laptop or tablet from GTCC you can get help you with repairs, software and many other things from the Titan Tech Center. Even if you didn’t purchase your laptop or tablet from GTCC you can still get advice and suggestions for improved performance, anti-virus software, and more.

For information:
(336) 334-4822, ext. 50048
Titan Tech Center

Online Class Tips

Tips for Online Students

  • Plan to spend time engaging with your class commitments.
  • Some classes may require synchronous class meetings. Test your microphone and webcam beforehand.
  • Confirm your notification settings in Canvas. Learn how.
  • Sign into your email daily.
  • Share your needed accommodations with your instructors. This can help your instructors ensure all work is accessible to you.
  • Notify your teachers by email immediately if you become ill.

Most Commonly Asked Tech Questions

Please note that you must either show a photo ID or share your GTCC ID number for your account to be found for some services around campus.

If you do not have your ID number, you may find it in Self-Service.

Your ID number is a seven-digit number that begins with either 0 or 1. It is not your social security number.

Your username is the first part of your email address, so if you use jssmith@gtcc.edu, your username will be jssmith.

If you don’t know your username, you can find it in Self-Service.

GTCC now uses single sign on which enables a user to sign in once to access all of their applications and services.

  • To activate your account or change your security questions, change your password or if you've forgotten your password or locked your account, please go to the Creating a GTCC Account page.
  • If you still have issues please call our 24/7 Help Line: 1-866-826-3748

Submit a service request at servicedesk.gtcc.edu and tell us the type of device you are looking to check out from us, and we will notify you of the availability of such devices.

Name and/or ID Change:

  • Please complete the Name and ID Change form. Name changes can be done at any time by by submitting the form to  Enrollment Services. You MUST provide an alternate email address to be informed when your User ID has been changed. 
  • Then, take it to the GTCC Registrar’s Office with two forms of identification (one of which has to be a state or federally issued picture ID) to start the process. They are located in Room 140, Sears Applied Technologies Building, Jamestown Campus and are open from 8 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Friday.

Address and/or Telephone Change:

  • Complete the Change Address/Telephone form.
  • Then, take it to the GTCC Registrar’s Office with two forms of identification (one of which has to be a state or federally issued picture ID) to start the process. They are located on the third floor of Medlin Campus Center on Jamestown Campus.

If your name is not legally changed but you would like to update your preferred name in our system you can fill out the Preferred Name form and take it to the Registrar’s office or scan and submit directly to records@gtcc.edu.

GTCC allows any student to request a preferred name that will appear on campus technologies that do not require legal name in place of the student’s legal name. Click here to download the preferred name form.

Please allow five to 10 business days for changes to appear.

Submit the form to the Registrar’s Office on the third floor of Medlin Campus Center on the Jamestown Campus. Please bring an official state or federal photo ID.

Anyone needing Wi-Fi should sign up for GTCC's eduroam WiFi.  Eduroam has the following benefits: 

  • Stays connected until the next email address password change (GTCC's current password change policy is now just once annually).
  • Provides a secure WiFi connection
  • Provides higher bandwidth (speed)
  • Gain WiFi access to other eduroam subscribed schools

Sign up for Eduroam

  1. Visit the GTCC eduroam page to install eduroam for your device.
  2. The installer will prompt you to accept a certificate, which is needed for completion.
  3. The eduroam username format is your GTCC email address: username@gtcc.edu
  4. Read the GTCC eduroam User Agreement

If you’re a new student and have not activated your account yet, please do so at Creating a GTCC Account.

GTCC accounts lock out for various reasons, but the most common one is too many failed login attempts.

GTCC Faculty and Staff get three attempts to log in before the account is locked, and Students get 10 attempts.

The Creating a GTCC Account page provides you the ability to unlock your account yourself if you have set up your security questions. If this does not resolve your issue, you can call the Service Desk at (336) 334-4822, ext. 52909 or 866-826-3748.

Note: The account that gets locked out is the one associated with the username entered during login. If someone else mistakenly enters your username and tries to log in too many times, your account gets locked out in order to protect your information. This usually happens when someone forgets to type in the number at the end of their username or types in the wrong number.

  • Some websites, tools and/or plugins require Java (and its plugins) to work.
  • To check your version or download updated version of Java, visit: https://java.com/download

Note: Java doesn’t work on Google Chrome and doesn’t work on some mobile devices. If you need to access something that uses Java, please access from a desktop or laptop computer using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge, or Apple Safari.

To ensure the security of users’ accounts, we must speak with the owner of the account and verify their identity with their college ID number.

Another person’s account information is not something that can be delegated as we have no way of verifying who the caller is if it is not the owner of the account.

Go to https://gtcc.omnilert.net/subscriber.php and click Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Instructions can be found at the e2Campus Sign-Up page.

Titan Live Email FAQ

Every student, faculty member, and staff member at GTCC is assigned a Titan Live ID that is used for multiple services such as email and Moodle. The same credentials are used to access multiple resources at the college.

However, before you can start using your Titan Live ID you must register and activate your account. Registering your account not only activates it but allows you to enroll in the self-service password reset system so that you may reset your own password if forgotten. Activation is done through the password management portal at Creating a GTCC Account. This page allows you to activate your Titan Live ID as well as change your password if forgotten.

Click below for instruction on how to set up Titan Live on:

  • If you’re a new student, make sure that you have gone through the activation process at  Creating a GTCC Account first or you will not be able to access your TitanLive email, Canvas or Self-Service.
  • Once your account is activated, login in at Titan Email with your entire email address (jssmith@gtcc.edu for example) for your username. It will not work if you leave off the “@gtcc.edu” part.

  • You can call the 24/7 Help Line at 1-866-826-3748. Make sure that you have your name, student ID # and date of birth.
  • You can reset it yourself (you must have already activated your account and set up your security questions). Go to Creating a GTCC Account.
  • Or your can stop in to Tutoring Center.

Do not open or click on any link in any email that looks suspicious and/or was sent by someone that you do not know.

Please click on "Junk" in the toolbar of your email window and select whether it’s "Junk" (not wanted, but not harmful) or "Phishing" (suspicious and potentially harmful).

You also can forward any suspicious emails to spam@gtcc.edu to notify the ITS department of possible phishing and spam emails.